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2017 Perth mint 1 oz. silver dragon and phoenix review

This is my first review of the 2017 Perth mint 1 oz. silver dragon and phoenix. Limited mintage of 50,000.


I just added to my collection this beautiful piece 100 grams of pure gold. It cost me 00. Hope you enjoy and share! Also ask me if you have any questions.
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Apple MacBook Pro 13′ (2016) Unboxing & Review

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15-13″ MacBook Pro 2016 Unboxing! (Touch Bar & Touch ID)
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Semi Permanent Glitter Lips UK Honest Review | CookieChipIry

Hello Cookies :)!

So first of all, here is Beauty Boulevard’s website:

Secondly, I was really impressed by those glitters. I was very skeptical at first when I saw the website after they contacted me but I am happy to say that I was proven wrong :)!

Here is the mermaid video where you can see mint condition at its opaque state :

(ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧ (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Let’s get social :)!





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(✿◠‿◠) Hugs!
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Asahi 10oz Silver Bullion Bar Review (Low Serial)

I wanted to do a review on one of my low numbered Asahi bars. This is the company that bought Johnson Matthey and I picked up some that were guaranteed to be 1000 or lower in regards to the serial number. These are great silver 10 ounce bars although a little plane for my taste. I guess it was a decent purchased since they’re selling for quite a bit more now irregardless of spot.
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Hey Silver Stackers SilverGoldBull Unboxing & the second review I have done for

Hey Silver Stackers. Today I open some silver from
The review is available on

Check out MrZeke here:

Welcome to the Canadian Silver Saver channel.

A channel made by Canadians to help understand silver & gold investing in the Great white north!
We will talk about Coins, bars, bullion, sterling silver, jewelry, 90%, junk and more.

Everybody is welcome from our friends to the south with your beautiful Silver Eagles to our friends in Australia and your stunning Kookaburras.
A great place to get together and discuss your silver and gold.
I will have videos about but not limited to… What to buy, History reviews, Interviews, How I got started, some basics for beginners and info for the pros. We will also discuss safe purchasing, how to test your silver, where you can get it and more.

I will be uploading twice a week.

We start each week with Silver Hunt Sunday.
Here I show you what I purchased throughout the week. Online, garage sales, Antique markets etc. later in the week we will feature a video on some history, unboxings, company reviews or interviews.
We will also discuss safe purchasing, how to test your silver, where you can get it and show of the stack a bit. 😉
Specifically designed for Canadians but perfect for everybody who’s interested in silver and gold.

If you would like to purchase some of my favourite silver from Beaver Bullion check out these links:
I kindly ask that you please mention that the Canadian Silver Saver sent you in your order notes. Thanks everyone.
Check out the website.
To order click on dealers or click the eBay page here:
I always recommend

You can contact me directly at

This is a friendly channel offering information and a community to connect with to discuss your stacking.
Any decisions made about your personal investments, purchases with either gains or losses are solely yours the viewer. I hold no liability for the result of your decisions. In turn I have no legal right to claim on any gains you the viewer may make by benefiting from the video or comment information.
However, please feel free to share the wealth with me if you are feeling generous eh.

Lots of videos to come.
Please Like, Share, Comment & Subscribe. It helps tremendously in getting the videos out there.

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Gainesville Coins Review

The gold and silver markets are huge right now with the unstable times. People want to buy precious metals to secure their futures but they are unsure what gold IRA company to turn to. That is why we have created this Gainesville Coins review. To help you know whether or not you want to buy from them.

Gainesville Coins, as the name would imply, is a seller of precious metal coins. They also offer other precious metal items on their website to help meet customer’s every needs. The deal of the day allows you to save money on your purchases, every day.

Gainesville Coins aims to provide the lowest possible prices on precious metals while maintaining a high level of customer service. They have associates available Monday through Friday to help make your purchasing go smoother. Chat support also helps to make sure that you have someone to talk to when you need help on their website. And in case you wanted more information on gold IRAs the Gainesville Coins website offers some help tips and information on gold IRAs.

One of the nice features of the Gainesville Coins website is that they have the option to sell gold and silver back to the company. That means when it comes time to cash out your savings you know that you have somewhere to turn to. This can help provide you with a peace of mind.

The Better Business Bureau rates Gainesville Coins an A+, their highest rating. The company is also a BBB accredited business, which means that they have taken steps to make sure that they fall into line with the policies set forth by the Better Business Bureau for customer service and sales.

There are a lot more gold IRA companies out there so feel free to watch more of our video series to see more gold IRA company reviews. You can also visit our website at to receive your free investment guidebook. Good luck on your gold investments.

This video review in text format:

Gainesville Coins

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Gainesville Coins Review

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Unboxing and Review Odin – 2016 3 oz Silver Coin – Legends of Asgard Series

Unboxing and Review Odin - 2016 3 oz Silver Coin - Legends of Asgard Series

2016 3 oz Fine Silver Max Relief Coin – Legends of Asgard Series – Odin Ruler of the Aesir

Unboxing and review of the new Legends of Asgard coin series from Choice Mint. This is the first release called the Odin Ruler of the Aesir Coin.

-Max Relief of 5mm
-Limited Mintage of 1500 coins
-Antique Finish
-3 oz of Pure Silver with wooden box
-Serial Number on edge of coin and on COA
-Origin Tokelau

Red Bull Energy Drink Unboxing / Review (Mairou’s 360 no scope fishing montage)

Red Bull Energy Drink Unboxing / Review. So I was 360° no scoping some fishes and caught this extremely unordinary fish: Unopened can of Red Bull energy drink. I haven’t done Red Bull unboxing yet so I was extremely lucky to catch this! Hopefully I had my unboxing tools with me so I could film this another piece of unboxing art! ~ If you want to learn how to 360° no scope fishes like a professional CoD players, then click the links below for educational guides:

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Red Bull is an energy drink sold by Austrian company Red Bull GmbH, created in 1987. In terms of market share, Red Bull is the highest-selling energy drink in the world, with 5.387 billion cans sold in 2013.

Austrian entrepreneur Dietrich Mateschitz was inspired by an existing energy drink named Krating Daeng, which was first invented and sold in Thailand. He took this idea, modified the ingredients to suit the tastes of Westerners, and, in partnership with Chaleo Yoovidhya, founded Red Bull GmbH in 1987 in Chakkapong, Thailand. In Thai, daeng means red, and krating is the large bovine called “gaur”. Red Bull is sold in a tall and slim blue-silver can, while Krating Daeng is in a gold shorter can. The two are different products, produced separately.

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Oh, Canada! RCM Royal Canadian Milkspot Review

A review of several silver bullion products from the Royal Canadian Mint, now not-so-affectionately renamed to the Royal Canadian Milkspot. Here’s a close up look at my premium silver products from RCM and the horrific milk spots they’ve developed. Even NGC graded MS70 slabbed coins with spots.

Do you like Canadian silver coins?? BUYER BEWARE!

RCM has officially declared, “The coins are bullion coins. They are not collector coins. They are sold as one ounce of silver. The Mint knows that there is a problem. The problem has existed since 1988, when the SML coin was first introduced.” The Mint says that, “there is nothing that they can do about the problem.”

The trash heap has spoken!

This seems ironic considering the number of unique designs and high premiums they charge. It seems to me that they would just be making cheap rounds if that were the case. Here is a discussion of RCM’s position on the milk spot problem plaguing their silver bullion products:

When asked about returning my NGC70 coins to the major online bullion vendor that sold them to me, this was their reply:

“Thank you for your inquiry. Spotting is a natural occurrence with precious metals as it can be a result of several different factors including the minting process, even though it may not show up for some time after it has been minted. This means that it does not reduce the value of the coin, nor does it change the MS-70 grade of the coin since the spots were not present while it was being graded.”