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Ultra Rare Pamp Suisse, Pope John Paul ii Silver Bar Set.

A short Video showing Pope John Paul Silver bar set, made by Pamp Suisse for a company called Poland Investment Group.
The set has 4 bars weighting 1oz each.

**YOUR THE BEST!** Produits Artistiques Métaux Précieux, more commonly known as PAMP, is a leading gold, silver and platinum group metals refinery based in Castel St Pietro, Switzerland. Originally established in 1977, PAMP SA was acquired by MKS in 1981. Throughout that decade, PAMP evolved into one of the world’s most respected and relied upon suppliers of gold bars for the wholesale and retail market.

Today PAMP handles over 400-metric tonnes of gold per year (almost 13-million troy ounces), and ensures the highest quality products for which the brand has become synonymous. The distinctive PAMP trademark and the famed ‘Lady Fortuna’ emblem are accepted as symbols of excellence by gold wholesalers and traders worldwide.

Founded upon metallurgical expertise and a pioneering spirit, PAMP transforms the refining of precious metals into a made-to-measure proposition: From 400-ounce bars to kilo-bars, to 100-gram bars and under, and through to coins, medals and accessories, PAMP refines and manufactures to any specification of alloy, fineness, weight or design.

The Swiss National Bank (SNB), the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), the London Platinum and Palladium Market (LPPM) and the world’s leading gold futures markets in Tokyo (TOCOM), New York (COMEX/NYMEX) and Dubai (DMCC) accredit PAMP’s products as ‘Good Delivery.’

PAMP is one of the only three refineries worldwide honored as “Referee” by both the LBMA and the LPPM . It is also the only precious metal refinery in Switzerland to simultaneously hold ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025 and OHSAS 18001 accreditations

Beyond industry standards…
Swiss engineering skills ensure that this modern, high technology refinery operates to the most advanced refining standards. PAMP provides a complete range of vertically integrated refinery services that are supported by additional features such as flexible financing arrangements and hedging facilities.

The delivery of high quality products is ensured by the efficient collection of raw materials from the mine, safe transportation to the refinery and immediate analysis.

PAMP’s laboratory facilities are supervised by sworn assayers accredited by the Swiss Federal Bureau for the control of Precious Metals. PAMP guarantees its customers fast turnaround in assessments as well as accurate and detailed analysis of by-product values.

PAMP produces all shapes and sizes of precious metal products, taking into account the specific requirements of local markets around the world. The company offers customer service ‘round-the-clock.
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Stacking Silver: PAMP Suisse Bars – New Goal + New BB Stamps

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I just added to my collection this beautiful piece 100 grams of pure gold. It cost me 00. Hope you enjoy and share! Also ask me if you have any questions.
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Unboxing: Gold, Pamp Suisse, Hand-pours

I have a set small monthly budget for precious metals savings. I stack slow and steady, acquiring a little amount in silver and gold each time. Slow, but sure! Thank you for accompanying me in my journey to save in precious metals.

Australian Gold Lunar Year of the Rooster, Pamp Suisse Silver Bar, MrZeke lion hand pour, AG Ender Angel Shield

Unboxing 50Gram MMTC PAMP Silver bar!!

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Unboxing Pamp Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bars & Shout Outs

Checkout this unboxing of two PAMP Gold bars I got from eBay. I took a chance and purchased the from a non dealer. I had them checked out and they are real. I paid .99 over spot for each of these and this puts us at 11 ounces of Gold.. I don’t think I will buy from a non dealer again, due to the wondering and worrying the whole time. =) Thanks for watching.

Checkout these other Stackers….

Gold & Silver 4 profit

For those who haven’t seen it yet, go check out my Bullion Calculator. It will help you keep track of your investments and lets you know if what you are buying is a good deal or not. Email me at or message me here to get your free copy. Good luck, have fun and keep stacking.

MMTC PAMP Suisse Indian Gold & Silver Lotus Half Sovereign Gandhi 5gram

This video is a review for the Indian MMTC-PAMP line.

The 50 gram Lotus bar was purchased from eBay seller: poonam_silvera

The rest (5gram silver Laxmi, 10gram silver Laxmi, 2x Indian Gold Half Sovereigns, & the new Indian government 5 gram Gandhi) were purchased from eBay seller: theindiancoincompany
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Silver unboxing 5oz pamp

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Stacking Silver: PAMP Suisse Lunar Bars + Box, Lib, 100 Buffs

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New PAMP Suisse 500 gram packaging

New PAMP Suisse 500 gram packaging

PAMP Suisse have recently updated the packaging on their 500 gram silver bars to this new hard case style box.
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