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Kookaburra 1 oz Silver Coin 2017

SilverTorch66 presents: Kookaburra 1 oz Silver Coin 2017 This Silver Bullion Information Video Series presents a new silver bullion coin, round or bar every week with its history, facts and my opinions. I realized that I was buying silver and really didn’t know that much about it. The information is there on the bullion dealers page and all over the internet but you have to stop and read it! I rarely took the time to read the history and background on all this silver bullion I already own. When I did take the time, I was amazed at some of the stories that are attached to these coins, rounds and bars. So much history and culture is depicted in all the bullion we stack. So, I thought I would put together this video series to present these interesting stories and facts about the bullion in our stacks or want to stack in the future. I hope you enjoy!
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Silver Bullion Information Video Series

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2014 2oz lunar Horse & 2014 Privy Horse Kookaburra Silver Coins

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Large 200 oz 2016 Monkey Privy Kookaburra Order

latest unboxing of silver coins. Panda and kookaburra.

As the price of silver continues to be suppressed by the sell off of paper contracts. I’ve decided to continue stacking by adding more numismatic pieces.

Sep 2014 – Unboxing Silver: MonsterBox Kookaburra 2015 and some more.

Sep 2014 - Unboxing Silver: MonsterBox Kookaburra 2015 and some more.

After about 2 weeks my order is here, order made from Libertysilver.ee
This order contains mainly 2015 1oz Kookaburra, from Libertysilver.ee the price was best there.

Total amount to add to my savings 137,5oz of silver.
Order Value: 2633 €

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Unboxing 2016 10 OZ KOOKABURRA

201610 OZ Kookaburra
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2015 Australian Kangaroos, JM 1 oz bars, 2011 Kookaburra

Unboxing of 2 orders from Bay Precious Metals of 2015 Australian Kangaroos. Ordered first set of 5, then when silver spot prices started going up, ordered the second set of 5. Comparing it with a 2016 Kangaroo.

The 2016 was advertised as being the inaugural year of release of the Kangaroo series, but it later turned out that BPM commissioned the Perth Mint for a set of 300,000 2015 Kangaroos that were released after the 2016’s were released.

Also unboxing 5x Johnson Matthey 1 oz silver bars, and one 2011 Kookaburra.

Silver Unboxing Privateer Collection, Kookaburra, Philharmonic

This is my first silver unboxing of:

2 oz Privateer Collection | The Plank Ultra High Relief Silver Round
2 oz Privateer Collection | Kraken Ultra High Relief Silver Round
2 oz Privateer Collection | Pirate Captain Ultra High Relief Silver Round
1 oz 2016 Australian Kookaburra Silver Coin
1 oz 2016 Perth Mint Year of the Monkey Lion Privy Silver Coin
1 oz 2016 Australian Koala Silver Coin
1 oz 2015 Austrian Philharmonic Silver Coin
1 oz 2016 Britannia Silver Coin
1 oz Silver Shield Pieces of Eight Silver Round
1 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Round
1 oz Assorted Silver Wafer Bar
Perth Mint Empty Monster Box
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10 oz. Kookaburra – Clearly Excited…

My first 10 oz coin! Forgive the hasty, ill prepared video; I’m thrilled!
I probably should have had my 1 oz. coins out with it but I ran from the mailbox to the camera…!
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2016 Kookaburra Monkey Privy, Rwanda Silver Meerkat, 3/4 oz Howling Wolves

2016 Kookaburra Monkey Privy, Rwanda Silver Meerkat, 3/4 oz Howling Wolves

New Intro…
2016 Australia Silver Kookaburra (Monkey Privy)
2016 Rwanda Silver African Meerkat
2016 Canada 3/4 oz Silver Howling Wolves
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