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Unboxing the Junius Maltby Silver Coin

The MOST UNDERRATED Silver Coin of 2016!!

What’s up friends! I’ve got a quick silver bullion unboxing for you today. We’re going to look at one of the most underrated coins of 2016, The Perth Mint’s 2 Ounce Lunar Monkey. This spectacular coin has a low mintage of just a little over 10,000! That’s extremely low and in my opinion should mean that in the coming years this
coin will become highly sought after. These coins are still easy to get your hands on and the premium won’t break your back. So if you’re wondering what coin to add to your silver stack, consider the 2oz Lunar Monkey.

Buy the 2oz Perth Mint Lunar Monkey Here –

The Australian Perth mint’s Lunar coins are always a great addition to any stack in my opinion. If you’re looking for a coin that’s not very expensive when they first come out and that will not only hold its premium but to have some growth then you can’t go wrong there.
What do you think about the 2016 2 oz Lunar Monkey from the Perth Mint’s value? Will it increase substantially? What are your thoughts on the 2017 Silver Lunar Rooster? Will it perform better than the Monkey?

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Perth Mint 50th Anniversary Star Trek Silver Delta Coin + NZ Mint Silver R2-D2

Silver Unboxing #41: Modern Coin Mart and Ebay

This Unboxing has Numismatic U.S. Gold and Silver.
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Maple Leaf Gold Coin 2017 1 oz Unboxing 10 oz

2017 Gold Maple Leaf.

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Kookaburra 1 oz Silver Coin 2017

SilverTorch66 presents: Kookaburra 1 oz Silver Coin 2017 This Silver Bullion Information Video Series presents a new silver bullion coin, round or bar every week with its history, facts and my opinions. I realized that I was buying silver and really didn’t know that much about it. The information is there on the bullion dealers page and all over the internet but you have to stop and read it! I rarely took the time to read the history and background on all this silver bullion I already own. When I did take the time, I was amazed at some of the stories that are attached to these coins, rounds and bars. So much history and culture is depicted in all the bullion we stack. So, I thought I would put together this video series to present these interesting stories and facts about the bullion in our stacks or want to stack in the future. I hope you enjoy!
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Silver Bullion Information Video Series

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2015 Canadian Maple Leaves 1.5 oz Silver Coin Unpackaging

An unpackaging for a coin I wanted thanks to Silver Bearbunny!
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Unboxing 1 oz krugerrand coin

Sorry for unproffesional video, this is my first upload. Questions and comments are appreciated

2013 China Panda Gold Coin 1 Oz

Chinese Panda Series 2013 One Ounce Gold Bullion Coin

Music: Rameses B – North

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Ruthenium Plated Coin Unboxing and Reveiw Burning Maples, Burning Eagles and Takus – Not Impressed

A short unboxing video of the new Ruthenium plated coins. There are some issues with the packaging and coins themselves which I point out in this video. If you are interested in purchasing a Burning Maple Coin check out our website
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