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Royal Canadian Mint 1 oz. Gold Bar Unboxing!

My first bar from the canadian mint! 😀

Unboxing from the Canadian Mint

I bought these both to add to my collection and also because they’re ridiculous in their own way. roll of pennies, and the smallest gold coin I’ve seen…. Why not?
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2015 Canadian Maple Leaves 1.5 oz Silver Coin Unpackaging

An unpackaging for a coin I wanted thanks to Silver Bearbunny!
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2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison – JM Bullion Unboxing

My first silver unboxing video highlighting the 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin sold exclusively by JM Bullion. I ‘really really’ need to stop saying ‘really really’ so much haha!
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Opening Royal Canadian Mint Great Horned Owl Silver Coins

Short video of opening a box of Royal Canadian Mint Great Horned Owl silver one ounce coins. I add some commentary on how and where i’m buying, and more information.
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15 Oz’s – 2015 Canadian Silver Maples & 1.25 oz Silver Bison Coins

2016 Canadian Silver Maple Leafs

My first unboxing of my silver stack and my first inaugural video to my channel.
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1998 10th Anniversary 10 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf

I got a 1998 10th Anniversary 10 oz Silver Canadian Maple Leaf using some of the eBay gift cards ( that I picked up in my last video. This coin has a bit of a premium but it was defrayed by using the gift cards.
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Star Trek crew Captain Kirk Royal Canadian Mint coin

Ever since I can remember, I collected everything, hence the name, “Collector of All Things”. My passion as a collector never went away.

Throughout the years, I collected model cars, swords, watches, comic books, figurines and more. These videos are about sharing this passion for collecting with you.

Is there any collectible that you prefer? I would love to hear your comments about any collectibles you love. Share below.

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Royal Canadian Mint Pickup

A few items I picked up this week.

TAKE THE CHANCE by Nicolai Heidlas Music
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