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Silver Bullion Unboxing 1 (5 oz silver bars)

Stacking Silver: PAMP Suisse Bars – New Goal + New BB Stamps

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10 Gram & 2 Gram Gold Bars Unboxing – APMEX

A small gold unboxing from APMEX consisting of one Pamp 10 gram bar & one Valcambi Suisse 2 gram bar. I paid approximately 2 for both bars including shipping, premiums, etc. I bought the small bars and odd weights to send to a relative overseas. I wanted to send a “tola” of gold which I believe is 11.6 grams.

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Unboxing 17.45 ounces coins and bars

I ordered 17.45 ounces of fin silver from a private seller here in Ireland. Part of the order was a 1973 Kennecott silver bar weighing 2000 grains (4.2 Troy Ounces) costing me €80.26 (1). Anyone know how much of a premium this bar carries? Not sure whether to keep it, or sell it on for more silver.
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Unboxing Lunar Series Monkey, New Roosters, and Monarch Precious Metals Bars

Latest unboxing. Enjoy everyone.
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Silver unboxing- 10 ounce bars

Growing the stack every month
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10 Palladium bars Unboxing

10 palladium Pamp bats Unboxing
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Unboxing Pamp Suisse 1 Ounce Gold Bars & Shout Outs

Checkout this unboxing of two PAMP Gold bars I got from eBay. I took a chance and purchased the from a non dealer. I had them checked out and they are real. I paid .99 over spot for each of these and this puts us at 11 ounces of Gold.. I don’t think I will buy from a non dealer again, due to the wondering and worrying the whole time. =) Thanks for watching.

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Gold & Silver 4 profit

For those who haven’t seen it yet, go check out my Bullion Calculator. It will help you keep track of your investments and lets you know if what you are buying is a good deal or not. Email me at or message me here to get your free copy. Good luck, have fun and keep stacking.

Geiger 10. Oz bars

We are converting some of our feit savings into silver. This is part of that conversion. Geiger is a great well know brand and with its. Security features it will hold value well and continue to be a hard asset savings for us