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MODERNCOINMART.com 2015 Online Precious Metal Dealer Reviews! #7

Fast shipping, easy to navigate website, fair prices, quality products and large selection. This pretty much sums up MCM.

I was completely satisfied with them. Modern Coin Mart is worth a try. I will certainly use them again.

What are your experiences with them?

Thanks for checking out the review.

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I Got the Last 2015 Gold Libertad Set!!! An APMEX unboxing!

I do an Un-boxing for one of the very last of the 2015 Gold Libertad proof sets that was available on APMEX.

There were some concerns by other people about these sets being picked through and what is left over being the trash of the bunch. And while I did notice a ton of tiny marks, smudges and trash on the capsules, it appeared that the surface of the coins themselves should all be solid PF 68, PF 69, or even PF 70.

Overall I am satisfied with the condition of the set. So I do intend to keep it as is. However I have not decided yet if I will be able to afford keeping it as a complete set, or if I may sell off two or three of the sizes.

I really try to take some time so that all of the numismatists out there would have an opportunity to look carefully at the detail and design of this beautiful set. I hope this is a service to you, and you enjoy what I’m able to provide.
Please let me know! Also if you have any constructive feedback about the way I presented everything, please let me know as well.

I always read every comment in the comment section and will try to get back to you, or make adjustments as best as I can!
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Jmbullion Unboxing: 2015 Gold Panda, Somalian Elephants 100 gram Geiger bar and More!


Jmbullion Unboxing: 2015 Gold Panda, Somalian Elephants 100 gram Geiger bar and More!

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2015 Canadian Maple Leaves 1.5 oz Silver Coin Unpackaging

An unpackaging for a coin I wanted thanks to Silver Bearbunny!

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2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison – JM Bullion Unboxing

My first silver unboxing video highlighting the 2015 1.25 oz Canadian Silver Bison Coin sold exclusively by JM Bullion. I ‘really really’ need to stop saying ‘really really’ so much haha!
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Another 2015 1 Ounce Gold Maple Leaf Coin

In this video we explore the package that contains the gold coin. But then soon afterwards, the focus dramatically shifts to the gold coin itself. This shocking tale is a roller coaster of human emotions as the contemplation begins on when and how to touch it!
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15 Oz’s – 2015 Canadian Silver Maples & 1.25 oz Silver Bison Coins

2015 5 oz Kangaroo High Relief Silver Coin

2015 5 oz Kangaroo High Relief Silver Coin

Join me in unboxing a sweet and thick silver coin from the Perth Mint.
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Cracking a 2015 Chinese Silver Panda

Busting my Panda out of it’s cage! I wanted to crack this sucker open so I can take a closer look and then store it with the rest of my silver coins/rounds, so out of the mint capsule it comes!
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Sep 2014 – Unboxing Silver: MonsterBox Kookaburra 2015 and some more.

Sep 2014 - Unboxing Silver: MonsterBox Kookaburra 2015 and some more.

After about 2 weeks my order is here, order made from Libertysilver.ee
This order contains mainly 2015 1oz Kookaburra, from Libertysilver.ee the price was best there.

Total amount to add to my savings 137,5oz of silver.
Order Value: 2633 €

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