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RARE SUISSE Silver Bars Gravura, Valcambi, Kurz silver stack unboxing

CSS Backyard Bullion Unboxing Silver Forum Bars & My Privateer White Whale Rounds finally arrived

CSS Backyard Bullion Unboxing Silver Forum Bars & My Privateer White Whale Rounds finally arrived

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Welcome to the Canadian Silver Saver channel.

A channel made a Canadian to help understand silver & gold investing in the Great white north!
We will talk about Coins, bars, bullion, sterling silver, jewelry, 90%, constitutional or junk silver and more.

Everybody is welcome from our friends to the south with your beautiful Silver Eagles to our friends in Australia and your stunning Kookaburras.

A great place to get together and discuss your silver and gold.
I will have videos about but not limited to… What to buy, History reviews, Interviews, How I got started, some basics for beginners and info for the pros. We will also discuss safe purchasing, how to test your silver, where you can get it and more.

Designed for Canadians but perfect for everybody who’s interested in silver and gold. I will be uploading at least twice a week.

We start each week with Silver Hunt Sunday.
Here I show you what I purchased throughout the week. Online, garage sales, Antique markets etc. later in the week we will feature a video on some history, unboxings, unpackings, company reviews, interviews, prepping, and more.
We will also discuss safe purchasing, how to test your silver, where you can get it and show of the stack a bit. 😉

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Silver Gold Bull ion unboxing 2, 4ounces gold, 185.65 ounces silver

Silver Gold Bull ion unboxing 2, 4ounces gold, 185.65 ounces silver

Silver gold Bull unboxing, gold, silver & accessories. Lunar series year of the goat. Zombucks, 1oz wafer bars, American eagles.

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Unboxing:From APMEX-Silver

Unboxing:From APMEX-Silver

Unboxing from APMEX
2014 African Wildlife High Relief Elephant Silver 1oz Coin

Silver Unboxing From Provident Metals

Silver Unboxing From Provident Metals

Silver Unboxing From Provident Metals

2014 PAMP Suisse 1 oz Lunar Horse Silver Bar
2014 1 oz American Silver Eagle
1990 S US Proof Set
1985 S US Proof Set
1991 S US Proof Set
Elemental Cu 2 Pound Copper Bar
2014 1 oz Silver Britannia

JM Bullion Unboxing of 2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin

JM Bullion Unboxing of 2015 Canadian Silver Bison Coin

This is a short video of me unboxing this coin from JM Bullion.

Crocodile MS70 sale, Yellowfin Tuna, Zombucks Murk Diem, Rare Denarius

Crocodile MS70 sale, Yellowfin Tuna, Zombucks Murk Diem, Rare Denarius

Saltwater Crocodile MS70

Yellowfin Tuna 1 oz$5-coin.aspx

Zombucks Murk Diem

Rare Denarius

Top 4 Needs to Get American Silver Eagle Coins

Leading 4 Needs to Get American Silver Eagle Coins

Silver is Actual Loan Like Gold

There’s lots of money in silver. Whole lots of individuals do not have that idea but the truth is that silver is valuable. Exactly what many individuals take into consideration real cash has no implicit value. Actually, bathroom papers are better compared to these products. Since the federal government requires us to use them using legal tender legislations, these stuffs appear valuable to lots of. But it is not.

Silver is Unprintable By The Federal Book

The United States Treasury cant do it anywhere near the rate that they could generate new bucks eventhough the Treasury does mint silver coins. Since we stay in a computerized age the monetary supply can be expanded with a computer system entry rather than needing to begin up the printing press which allows the monetary supply to broaden simply that much faster.

The cash you have in your financial savings financial institution looses worth when the Federal Book generates more loan. Since the amount of items and also solutions do not raise even if the monetary supply rises, that problem can take place anytime. When extra dollars are chasing after the very same quantity of items and services after that the cost of those items as well as services has to go up. This is why it is a smart idea to get silver since the Federal Get cant produce silver like it does fiat money and so they cant reduce the value of silver like they do the US Buck.

Silver is Much less costly Than Gold

I have read that gold is 8 times more scarce than silver in contrast to exactly what others claim that silver is more uncommon than gold. Regardless of what the cost proportion between silver and gold is concerning 60 to 1 at this time. This means one ounce of gold expenses is equivalent to 60 ounces of silver. Some could reason that silver is undervalued at the moment. The lower nominal price makes trading much less challenging for the typical Joe as well.

Simply in Instance, You Still Have Something of Genuine Worth

Just what I mean by this is if as well as when devaluation ever before occurs you will certainly have a real shop of worth. This is not to terrify you so you will certainly not acquire silver. Nevertheless, that could happen any time. I directly do not consent with his analysis yet internationally prominent financier Marc Faber thinks it is a 100% certainty that the US will come across run-away inflation.

Also if you do not think devaluation will certainly ever before occur I advise you think of getting silver bullion as a sensible add-on to your portfolio. Without a doubt, the very best rate online is American Precious Metals Exchange.

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Thank you for your interest in this valuable cash, find out more regarding American Silver Eagle Coins

Unboxing the NEW colored 2016 Silver eagle coins series – ONLY in Europe!

Unboxing the NEW colored 2016 Silver eagle coins series – ONLY in Europe!

Bought two of the explorer 1 oz Silver Eagles number 5 and 6 in the series of a total of 8 different coins; i gonna show you also the other coins in the series; only 5000 of each are made; the coloring is done by a private German company and the quality is high; The last two Silver eagle coins of this serie are coming out soon.