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Purchase your NGC First Day of Issue bullion Platinum Eagles!

Certified 2016 Bullion Platinum American Eagles

Certified 2016 Bullion Platinum American Eagles

Now available for purchase at MCM!

This year, numismatists around the world were waiting eagerly for the official release of the bullion Platinum Eagle coin. After a year’s gap in the series, the 2016 bullion platinum release rapidly sold out at the U.S. Mint. However, ModernCoinMart has them in-stock and available for purchase.

Platinum is a scarce metal that has a high demand, partially due to its industrial purposes. As #5 in the world for platinum mining, the U.S. oftentimes has to rely on importing platinum. This leaves little room for coin production, and could possibly influence the gaps in the Platinum Eagle coin series.

2016 $100 1 oz. American Platinum Eagle NGC MS70 First Day of Issue

2016 $100 1 oz. American Platinum Eagle NGC MS70 First Day of Issue

The last bullion Platinum Eagle, which was produced in 2014, had a limited mintage of only 16,900 coins. With so little available, and with the demand constantly increasing, you’ll have to act quickly to secure the coins you need for your collection.

Each bullion Platinum Eagle has been struck from 1 Troy oz. of .9995 fine platinum and carries a $100 denomination. The obverse design, created by John Mercanti, depicts the Statue of Liberty as if she was looking into the future.

ModernCoinMart is proud to offer 2016 Platinum Eagle bullion coins certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in MS69 and MS70 condition with the First Day of Issue designation. As your leader in bullion and numismatics, they have sent out many coins to NGC to be certified. After hundreds of coins were submitted for grading, only a very small number of them have achieved the highest grade, MS70.

Because collectors are rapidly adding these coveted MS70 releases to their collections, they urge you to claim your 2016 Platinum Eagle bullion coins today.

These coins won’t last long – order your certified Platinum Eagles before they fly away for good!

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2016 Code Talkers Coin & Currency Sets Are Here!

2016 Code Talkers Coin

Celebrate Native American Contributions

The third Sacagawea Coin & Currency set is here!

The United States Mint has just released the third edition of the Coin & Currency sets. Each set contains one Native American Dollar, as well as a bank note. The obverse of each Native American Dollar features Sacagawea, while the reverse features two helmets and two feathers to represent the contributions that Native Americans made to the Allies during WWI & WWII. During both World Wars, Native Americans enlisted in the United States military for top secret job. These soldiers were known as “Code Talkers” as they used their obscure Native American languages over unsecured lines of communication in order to code any sensitive information. This ensured the safety of important military secrets and played a crucial role in American military operations.

2016-S $1 Coin and Currency Set - Code Talkers

These coins have been struck from the San Francisco branch of the United States Mint with enhanced uncirculated finishes, a unique process that can be found only in this set. The freshly printed series 2013 dollar notes included in this set are from one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and all feature low serial numbers. The coin and note are accompanied by the US Mint’s special tri-fold packaging that includes the certificate of authenticity.

Introduce a piece of history to your collection by ordering a new 2016 US Mint Coin & Currency set today. All domestic orders will receive free shipping with no minimum!

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The First Spouse Gold Series Ends with Nancy Reagan. Buy coins now!

2016 First Spouse Nancy Reagan

2016 First Spouse Series: Nancy Reagan

Pre-Order with MCM to complete your collection!

The US Mint has just released the final coin in the First Spouse Gold Coin series: Nancy Reagan. Released in tandem with the Presidential Dollars, this series honors the First Ladies who have served with former Presidents. Each coin has been struck from 1/2 Troy oz. .9999 fine gold. The obverse features a portrait of Nancy Reagan, while the reverse represents her “Just Say No” campaign against drug use for students.

Not only is this the last year of production, but this is the first time that a First Lady has seen and assisted in selecting the final obverse and reverse designs! Nancy Reagan, 1921-2016, is the first to be honored in the same year as her death. What better way to honor her legacy than with her portrait engraved in fine gold?

Don’t risk missing out on the final release of the series – Pre-order your coins today to ensure that you have what you need to complete your First Spouse Gold Coin collection.

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Mint State and Vapor Blasted Cumberland Gap ATBs Now Available!

Cumberland Gap ATBs

The Latest America the Beautiful Coin Available

Claim your vapor-blasted Cumberland Gap Coin Today!

This is the second release of the year for the America the Beautiful 5 oz. .999 fine silver quarters series. This releases honors the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. The Cumberland Gap is known as the first gateway to the West.

2016 25c 5 oz. Silver America the Beautiful - Cumberland Gap NGC MS69 PL First Day of Issue

2016 25c 5 oz. Silver America the Beautiful – Cumberland Gap NGC MS69 PL First Day of Issue

Over time, hundreds of thousands of Native Americans and Pioneers traveled through this break in the Appalachian Mountains. Later, during the American Civil war, the Cumberland Gap was considered to be a necessity for military operations, as it provided access through the harsh mountain terrain. The Cumberland Gap Park is comprised of 20,508 acres.

2016-P 25c 5 oz. Silver America the Beautiful - Cumberland Gap PCGS SP70 First Strike (Mercanti Signed Label)

2016-P 25c 5 oz. Silver America the Beautiful – Cumberland Gap PCGS SP70 First Strike (Mercanti Signed Label)

ModernCoinMart (MCM) is proud to offer the new Cumberland Gap coin in a variety of options including certified options by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). You will only find the PCGS First Strike Mercanti-signed labels at MCM!

MCM is also offering both the mint state and specimen (vapor-blasted) options with Early Releases, First Releases, and First Strike designations. Flag and John Mercanti hand-signed labels are available in limited supply!

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Low Population Certified American Silver Eagles now Available at MCM!

Low population certified American Silver Eagles

2004 & 2006 American Silver Eagles

Low population dates are now available from MCM!

Since production began in 1986, the American Silver Eagle has been favored among numismatists and stackers for its weight, purity, and design. The obverse was designed as a modern adoption of Adolph A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty, which was used on U.S. half-dollars from 1916 until 1947. Many consider Weinman’s Walking Liberty to be one of the most beautiful designs in American numismatic history. The reverse of the American Silver Eagle was designed by American sculptor and engraver, John Mercanti, who is responsible for many U.S. and world coin designs, including the 2016 Australian Wedge Tailed Eagle.

While the design has remained the same throughout the entire American Silver Eagle series, the mintage figures have widely varied. MCM is proud to offer Silver Eagles from 2004 and 2006, which have very low PCGS populations for MS70 First Strike graded coins. This is the highest grade that a coin can receive. PCGS’s definition of MS70 states that this grade has a full, complete strike.

PCGS Population reports show that out of 21,952 total coins, only 1,585 2004 Silver Eagles have been graded as MS70 First Strike! That’s only 7% of all 2004 Silver Eagles graded by PCGS!

Out of 150,970 total 2006 Silver Eagles graded by PCGS, only 712 coins were graded as MS70 First Strike! That’s less than 1% of all 2006 Silver Eagles graded by PCGS!

Don’t miss your chance to add one of these coins to your collection. These high grades are definitely not easy to find. This could be your only chance! Order today and get free shipping on all American Silver Eagles with no minimum.

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2016 Gold Mercury Dimes – NGC Certified – Secure Yours Now!

2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin

2016 Mercury Dime Centennial Gold Coin

Now available certified by NGC in a variety of labels!

The 2016 Mercury Dime has been highly anticipated by collectors all over the world. Each coin is comprised of 1/10 Troy oz. .9999 fine gold, and reaches 16.5mm in diameter. To achieve a stunning finish, each coin was struck twice during the minting process. Adolph A. Weinman’s original Winged Liberty design is featured on the obverse, while the reverse features a Roman fasces and olive branch, which stands for America’s desire for peace and military strength.

2016-W Gold Mercury Dime Centennial NGC SP70 Early Releases

These coins were made available for sale from the U.S. Mint at 12:00 PM (EST) on April 21st, and likely sold out within an hour! As a leader in the numismatic industry, ModernCoinMart (MCM) did its very best to ensure that they could offer this exciting, new release to its customers. They’re currently offering the Mercury Dime in the original Mint packaging, as well as certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). A wide variety of labels are available, including First & Early Releases designations, Gold Foil labels, John Mercanti hand-signed labels, and more! Black core holder options are also available in very limited quantities.

These coins aren’t in-stock yet, but you can pre-order them to make sure you get what you want. When you pre-order a coin from ModernCoinMart, not only can you rest assured knowing you have reserved your share, you can be sure you’ll receive it as soon as possible. This could be your last chance to add this coin to your collection! Don’t hesitate, their supplies are limited, and selling quickly. Secure a Centennial Mercury Dime for your collection and enjoy fast, free domestic shipping.

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First Spouse Gold: Betty Ford Certified by NGC & PCGS Available Now!

2016 First Spouse Gold Series Betty Ford

2016 First Spouse Gold Series: Betty Ford

Now available for Pre-Order – NGC & PCGS certified!

This release commemorates Betty Ford, First Spouse to President Gerald Ford, who became acting President when President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974. The First Spouse Gold coin series is released in tandem with the Presidential Dollar series. The First Spouse coins are comprised of 1/2 Troy oz. .9999 fine gold. The reverse of each coin features a design that represents the work of the respective Spouse being honored. To honor Mrs. Ford, this release features a design of a young woman, climbing a spiral staircase. This represents Mrs. Fords openness & advocacy regarding addiction, women’s rights, and breast cancer awareness.

These coins are not in-stock yet, but you can pre-order them now. When you pre-order a coin from MCM, not only can you rest assured knowing you have reserved your place in line, but you can be certain you order will ship as soon as possible. All products have estimated ship dates clearly displayed.

2016 is a very special year for the Gold First Spouse series, as it is the 10th and final year of production. The last coin in this series will honor Nancy Reagan, First Spouse to President Ronald Reagan. The U.S. Mint will release this coin in July. With this series drawing to a close, collections around the world are anxious to complete their collection. Don’t wait, or you might miss out on the closing year of this important series!

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ModernCoinMart (MCM): NGC Certified National Park Commemoratives Now In-Stock!

NGC Certified National Park Commemoratives

National Park Service Centennial Commemoratives

Now Available in Clad, Silver, and Gold!

For the second commemorative program for 2016, the U.S. Mint has released a 6-coin National Park Service (NPS) set to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the NPS. Altogether, the NPS manages over 400 national parks and properties many of which were are featured in the America the Beautiful Quarters series. The NPS agency is instrumental in preserving our historical landmarks and natural landscapes.

President Theodore Roosevelt was the driving force behind the National Park Service. President Roosevelt once said, “We have fallen heirs to the most glorious heritage a people ever received, and each one must do his part if we wish to show that the national is worthy of its good fortune.” To honor Roosevelt, MCM is offering these coins with an exclusive Theodore Roosevelt NGC Label. This label can only be found at MCM and features Roosevelt on horseback with a facsimile signature to celebrate his contribution to the National Park Service.

This set includes a silver dollar, clad half-dollar, and a $5 gold coin in both proof and mint state finishes. MCM is proud to offer these coins certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) in a variety of grades and labels. Coins certified by the Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) will be available in the coming weeks.

Celebrate our good fortune by adding these US Mint gold, silver, and clad dollars to your collection today!

Order Your National Parks Commemoratives NOW!