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Special Alligator Coin to be Released at FUN 2014 Convention

A special silver coin commemorating Florida wildlife featuring an alligator will be made available at the 2014 Florida United Numismatists Convention in Orlando, Florida in January. This coin is limited to a mintage of 3500 pieces and is being issued by the island nation of Tuvalu. Learn all about this new coin from John Maben of ModernCoinMart (MCM) who was responsible for its creation.

Unboxing Silver, 2014 Panda & 2014 Impala


I did this order 11/11 and i got it in today, it was my pandas that hold the package on hold. They dident have it in stock yet. But i finally got it now, and the pandas are looking freaking great. so happy =)

2013 ATB Mt. Rushmore Uncirculated 5ounce Coin

It’s here Stackers! LOL. I received these beauties last night, and could not wait to get them on camera. I hope you all enjoy. Spoiler alert:There is a little bonus footage at the end.

RCM New coins for 2014 PREVIEW


Some new coins for 2014 from The RCM , what is your thoughts, do you like them or are you going to pass on them?

2014 Gold/Silver Panda’s (Spoiler Alert)