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StackerVille Trades and More Silver Purchases plus 5 oz bar for Trade

Here are some trades with Silver KC and TheVZ90210. A silver quarter purchase from J Sch. Also some more silver purchases. I have a 5 oz Scottsdale Prey bar for sale or trade i’m looking for either American eagles or Zombucks.

Small Trade With skyydaniela

StackerVille Trade with Lanceoa and Another Silver Unboxing

Unboxing my packages from Stackerville channel deals.

Just unboxing my first two packages from deals I made with youtubers on the Stackerville channel. My Preservation of wealth page link, for anyone wanting a home business in precious metals and wholesale bullion:

A stackerville silver unboxing

My first transaction on Stackerville. BSOv3 had what I was looking for. Did I mention that I love penguins!