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Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing

15 Oz of Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars

15 Oz of Silver Morgan and Peace Dollars.

BU Silver Dimes!

BU Silver Dimes!

The Coin Unboxing Episode #6

Old Silver!!!! Whats going on everyone? Hi, this is Kyle and I am back with an even better coin unboxing. This time I attempt to unbox the nicest Certified Walking Liberty Half Dollar ever. A Grand 1917-S Reverse mint mark, in AU-50. You just have to SEE IT!

2014 Silver Unboxing – Junk Silver And A German Coin

Received some more junk silver from APMEX today and a german coin I scored off eBay. Still waiting for my gold purchase to arrive 🙂 Happy Stacking!

More SILVER…while I wait for GOLD

Paid with a “check” for gold from Provident Metals, have been waiting for 3 weeks now. So of course, I couldn’t resist buying MORE silver while I wait! Happy Stacking 🙂

Silver Dollars On The Cheap

US federal debt thoughts, and unboxing a terrific deal on US Silver Dollars.

Silver Pickups And A Lunar Rabbit

Here is my latest additions for this month, and here on the East coast, we are preparing for another wintery mess tomorrow. Be safe everyone.

Shipwrecked Silver And A Sweet Deal On Morgan Dollars

Here’s my latest additions and my thoughts on The Gairsoppa Bars. As well as some new additions from a fellow youtuber. Enjoy.

Super Saturday Silver and Gold Bullion Bars Coins Unboxing!

Unboxing 4 packages that came in the mail today. Lunar Horse. Junk Silver. OPM bar. PCGS Peace Dollars.