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Latest order from Provident: Mt. Rushmore ATB, Canadian Horse Privy & St. Gaudens round

2014 Horse Privy Maple Leaf And A Morgue Anne Zombie Round

More eBay Silver Coins Unpacking MT Rushmore

New Silver: Stacking Modern 90% and More

A few Silver unboxings for the weekend.


Sorry for the Horrible Camera Skills Tonight. LoL Some Merc and Roosevelt Dimes, First Strike Kookaburra, Maple Leafs with Horse Privy, Rwanda Cheetah, 2 oz Freedom Girl Proof and some .25 oz bars.

Silver unboxing #16.. Chimpanzee Ninja..!!


Ahh yes.. Luckly I was able to locate my package that went MIA. My reliable intel source led me to the location of an HVT by the name of Abu Mohammed Alchimpanzee aka Chimpanzee Ninja.. After a long interrogation I was finally able to free the MIA parcel! Enjoy….