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Un-Packaging from NWTM

Un-Packaging from Northwest Territorial Mint
5/8 oz. Silver Bullet Bullion- 9mm
1 oz. Silver Bullet Bullion- .45 ACP
2 oz. Silver Bullet Bullion- 7.62 NATO (.308)
1 oz. 1985 Mexican Libertad Silver Coin

Surprise Unboxing of Silver Item Never Shown on Youtube

100 Ounce Pan American silver unboxing

I unbox a 100 ounce bar of silver from Northwest Territorial Mint.
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Silver Bullet Bullion Unboxing and Short Term Goal Discussion

Sorry, please excuse the blabber… – I am on Percocet and Flexeril so having a bit of trouble concentrating…story coming later.

Unboxing from Northwest Territorial Mint – Silver Bullet Bullion in 1 ounce and 10 ounce versions. The 1 oz is an exact replica of a .45 caliber round while the 10 oz is a match for the renowned .50 BMG round! They are well cast and well machined pieces!

Also, I share my simultaneous goal of saving in the near or short term for a new home for my family. To me, silver and gold is a long term savings avenue. So in between, or alongside that I will be saving some fiat/cash for a newly desired home in a community with better access to restaurants, groceries, hwy access, walking and biking trails, and parks.