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First Silver Unboxing of 2014

First Silver Unboxing of 2014.

Silver Unboxing / 5 oz Silver Trivium

Some recent silver purchases including a 5 oz silver trivium round.

Silver Unboxing #30: Amagi Metals

This Unboxing has lots of SBSS coins and a few rounds. I received this package on Dec 27,2013.


Unboxing a package from Silvergold Bull: 10oz’s 25th anniversary Maples, Lunar P.A.M.P. Bars, colorized Lunar Horse and another silver proof from SBSS.

Silver Gold Bull Unboxing 2

Another unboxing from Silver Gold Bull.

Afternoon Silver Unboxing From SGB

Hey everyone, just a quick unboxing from Silver Gold Bull. The new 5oz SBSS Trivium Proof and a few more Kooks 🙂 Hope you are all doing well and taking advantage of the dips 🙂 You can checkout SGB here @

A few Silver unboxings for the weekend.

Sorry for the Horrible Camera Skills Tonight. LoL Some Merc and Roosevelt Dimes, First Strike Kookaburra, Maple Leafs with Horse Privy, Rwanda Cheetah, 2 oz Freedom Girl Proof and some .25 oz bars.

StackerVille Trade with Lanceoa and Another Silver Unboxing

Unboxing my packages from Stackerville channel deals.

Just unboxing my first two packages from deals I made with youtubers on the Stackerville channel. My Preservation of wealth page link, for anyone wanting a home business in precious metals and wholesale bullion: