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Is Martin Armstrong Both Right and Wrong About Gold & Silver Manipulation?

Poking Martin Armstrong to try to WAKE HIM UP about gold and silver manipulation..
Is Martin Armstrong Both Right And Wrong About Gold & Silver Manipulation?
I advise everyone to read the full article above but here are some of the highlights:
Martin Armstrong came out with ANOTHER slam on the gold and silver market manipulation crowd…and I am one of the LOUDEST so I tend to take it personally. His assertion that the “Metal Conspiracy Gang” does a disservice to the metals investor community by pointing out the manipulation assumes that investors are better off NOT KNOWING what is going on. Not knowing that at any moment the manipulators can click a mouse and place the price of electronic silver at $1M/oz or $0/oz and then shut down the markets for good. So which is worse…screaming about market manipulation or convincing honest investors that it does not exist?
Like most, I doubt he has EVER considered the potential that there is a LARGER, unseen manipulator that can even control the overall trend. Someone so large and so immune from the regulators watchful eyes that they have total and complete authority to control the gold and silver markets anyway they see fit, using any amount of electronic buy or sell orders to accomplish the rig. Surely even Martin would concede that if there were such power given to someone then that entity could control the price of both metals for years if not decades as long as the electronic markets functioned properly.

Again – do the math for the LBMA “Transfers” in September:

Gold: 342.2M x 3 = 1.03B ounces or 32,100 tons of gold

Silver: 3.6B x 3 = 10.8B ounces or 337,500 tons of silver

All this gold and silver was supposedly “transferred” on the LBMA in the month of September 2015 and the SAME math can be done with the COMEX Daily Volumes with very similar results.

Do we really believe that 32,100 tons of gold were transferred on the LBMA in September when it will take Germany 8 years to repatriate their 674 tons of gold from the US Fed? Why not just drive a few trucks through “The Chunnel” to the LBMA warehouse and take it from their overstocked shelves?

And do we really believe that 10.8 BILLION ounces of silver were transferred on the LBMA in September when the US Mint couldn’t even find a few MILLION ounces to be compliant with the US Silver Eagle Law? Again, Jack Lew should be sending cargo ships to London to “load up” on all that silver and get the Silver Eagle production up to “quantities sufficient to meet public demand” as the law requires.

For Martin Armstrong, it does not matter if the price represented by the “Electronic Metal Markets” has anything to do with the underlying metals because the outputs of his Computer Analysis align perfectly…

The CON and THE SECRET PRICE MANIPULATION lies in the disconnect between the Electronic Metal Markets and the Physical Metal Realities.

Let Martin Armstrong make his millions playing the electronic trading games but when the REAL crisis hits and the ELECTRONIC MARKETS implode…


Most likely far away from physical gold and silver in their own possession.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

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