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Star Trek Spock Coins Back-In-Stock – Sold Out at the Mint!

1 oz. Silver Proof Star Trek Spock Coins

1 oz. Silver Proof Star Trek Spock Coins

Celebrating Captain Kirk’s right-hand-man!

The original Star Trek series featured several iconic cast members and Spock was one of the most notable of all. Half Vulcan and half Human – he was the son of Vulcan Sarek and Amanda Grayson, a human teacher. Spock first served as a Starfleet officer and then went on to be a Federation Ambassador after several decades. He was, of course, most known by his absolute reliance on pure logic to control his every move. He was instrumental in easing the tensions between the federation and the Klingon Empire and later in life went on to be an ambassador to the Romulan Star Empire.

The 2015 Silver Spock coins have sold out at the Perth Mint and no more will be minted. MCM was able to purchase a small number of coins on the secondary market and now can offer these directly to you! In addition to coins in the original Perth Mint packaging they have a limited number of coins certified by the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). Graded Proof 69 Ultra Cameo & Proof 70 Ultra Cameo these coins carry the sought after Early Releases designation.

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