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Red Hot Deals: 10 oz APMEX Silver Bar .999 Fine

APMEX is currently running a sale where you can buy any quantity of 10 oz APMEX Silver Bars for only $0.89 per oz over spot! Grab yours before these are gone. You can get more info here.





apmex silver bar

Kindly Note: You pay $0.89 over spot in terms of the Check or Bank Wire price (excluding banking costs), APMEX doesn’t accept payment from non-US PayPal accounts (or credit cards) and that shipping, is unlike the case is with ModernCoinMart (MCM), not free. You need to factor this into your buying decision.

Over 100 Ounces Of Silver Contained In 3 Bars

This video is of a friend’s of mine’s silver bars that he allowed me to film for your viewing pleasure. I’d love to own that First Majestic bar.

1st APMEX Unboxing- The Beginning Of My Silver Stacking Adventure

This video is about Apmex unboxing.

I am really excited and grateful that I was able to come across the silver stacking world. I just received a Fisher F2 metal detector over Christmas and I am totally in love with the hobby. The feeling of digging up history along with the excitement of unearthing the unknown NEVER gets old! I am a treasure hunting enthusiast for life now!

Through detecting, I found the joy of stacking. This is great for someone like me who never really learned how to save money growing up so what better way to invest in myself than to stack! Its painful knowing all the money thats ever passed through these hands only to have nothing to show for it.

My first goal is to reach 100 oz’s in one year.
My second goal is to exceed my expectation.

Thanks for watching!