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Why buy 5 Oz Silver Bars?

5 oz silver bars can come over as an odd size, especially when compared to the most common and popular size bars, namely 10 oz and 100 oz bars. Despite this, there are reasons why you should consider buying 5 oz silver bars, as I will point out in this article.

Reasons for buying 5 oz silver bars include, but are not limited to:

  • Easy to stack and store: The relative small and uniform size of 5 oz silver bars makes it easy to stack and store.
  • Purity and Weight: 5 oz silver bars are available from top name-brand refineries such as SilverTowne and Sunshine Minting. All bullion products bought from them are guaranteed for its purity and weight.
  • Low Mintage, Serial Numbers & Unique Designs: In more than one instance factors such as low mintage, serial number and unique designs add to the collectability of 5 oz silver bars, especially when it comes to 5 oz silver poured bars.
  • Affordable & Cost Effective: 5 oz silver bars are normally more affordable and cost effective to buy than bigger size bars. This makes it easier to buy and sell since more folks are able to afford it, especially during times when the silver price is ultra-low as is currently the case.
  • Generic Bars: 5 oz generic silver bars are readily available from most bullion dealers. This provides an excellent way to get your foot in the door when you want to make a play on the melt value of the silver and don’t wish to pay a premium towards a name-brand (or anything along those lines).

To sum up:

5 oz silver bars present a very cost-effective means to invest in or buy silver, especially now that there is “blood in the streets.” This is when you want to load up and apply dollar cost averaging instead of following the crowd and sell (or not buying at all). It is funny how many folks automatically assume one is suffering a loss when the silver price comes down, while nothing could be further from the truth. I mean, why do folks use a term such as “unrealized loss” when it comes to an investment in the stock market, but it is completely lost on them when it comes to buying and holding silver? I mean, who in his right mind complain about the opportunity to buy silver at a discount, especially in the form of 5 oz silver bars?