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2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Coin Series

USA residents can buy the coins in the 2014 Canada White-Tailed Deer Coin Series exclusively from silvertowne.com. Four coins in the series display the deer in various positions. First in the series is a coin whose reverse image is a splendid three quarter portrait of the male white tailed deer. The deer in this image looks so calm yet strong and imposing that you feel his masculinity at first sight. The great artist Desmond McCaffrey is truly talented which is so evident from the way his image renders fine details. You will feel the deer’s strength just by looking at the antler rack, big ears and strong back. The antler is so tall with sharply pointed tips that seem bent a little forward. The Royal Canadian Mint engravers also did an auspicious job of giving lighter coloration to the inner ears, eyes not to mention the distinct ripple of his deer muscle. Their outstanding skill gave the images life like no one else could. This coin is so beautiful that those who see it cannot help but call it a work of art.

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