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Gold Score on eBay!

Prompted by a one-day 4x eBucks promotion, I set out to find a great deal on some sort of eligible precious metals. How do you think I did? (FYI, there is a small addendum at the end of the video.)

Silver Unboxing #27: Modern Coin Mart on Ebay


This Unboxing is just 2 oz of silver.

First Ebay Purchase and Other Silver Pickups

Hey guys. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed this little unboxing. I do have some more silver comming later this, or next week so stay tuned for more. 🙂

The Coin Unboxing Episode #3

The Coin Unboxing Episode #3.

Silver Update: Pandas, Impalas and an ISSUE

Hello all, Well, got a few additions to share with you, and an unfortunate find. Nothing that a good dealer will not take care of with the quickness though.

Silver Unboxing #23: Ebay & Apmex


This Unboxing is a mix of coins. Thanks for watching.

Silver Unboxing #22: Ebay & Local Coin Shop


This Unboxing is a good one because I found a good coin in my LCS.

More eBay Silver Coins Unpacking MT Rushmore

graded and perthmint coins

a few of my weekly pickups …. a graded morgan , year of the horse and a big E engelhard.

Silver Unboxing – 90 eBay Pickup + JM deal

I unbox a 90% Pickup from eBay to celebrate the new records hit by the DOW and S&P 500, lol. At the end I weigh my coins to see how much silver is lost due to wear over the years.