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Dwight Manley Warns of “Frighteningly Deceptive Counterfeit”

Beware of Frighteningly Deceptive Counterfeits

Statement By Dwight Manley

Prominent rare coin dealer and collector Dwight Manley, owner of Fullerton Coins & Stamps in Fullerton, California and Managing Partner of the California Gold Marketing Group, who assisted a quarter-century ago in breaking up a counterfeit coin and counterfeit holder scheme, has issued the following statement.

“A frighteningly deceptive counterfeit has been encountered, and the world needs to be told about it.  We recently realized that a 2005-dated quarter-ounce South African Krugerrand labeled NGC Proof 70 is not only a counterfeit coin, it is housed in a counterfeit Numismatic Guaranty Corporation holder that has the same certification number on the label as a genuine 2005 PF 70 one-quarter ounce Krugerrand listed in the NGC data base.” Be sure to read more here.

The counterfeit quarter-ounce Krugerrand in a counterfeit NGC holder that was purchased in Fullerton, California.  (Photo courtesy of Dwight Manley.)