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2014 Royal Canadian Mint $100 for $100 Grizzly

Just got home today from school and saw a package waiting for me at my door step… The long anticipated 2014 Royal Canadian Mint $100 for $100 Grizzly Fine Silver Coin. This coin is second in series!

2014 Royal Canadian Mint $100 for $100 Grizzly to be Released Dec 2013


The latest offering to be released 12/2013, the $100 for $100 Grizzly 2014. Weighing in at 31.6g and 40mm in diameter it real close to any govt minted bullion such as Silver Eagle, Libertad, or Maple Leaf. Mintage of 50,000. It does not have the purity or metal designation on it (one of my royal gripes http://youtu.be/pdyeXjYPJT0 ).

Limit 3 per household, so if you get all 3, $300 total. You can get 12 ounces of govt minted bullion for that price (at this time). At that price, I was hoping the mintage would be more like 10,000 like the Superman series.

Dont think I’m going for this one, Im tired of premium silver (at this time).I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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