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The Definitive Britannia 2015 United Kingdom £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin – Mintage: 2,000 and not 1,000 as Previously Stated on The Royal Mint Website

The Definitive Britannia 2015 United Kingdom £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin is a beautiful coin to state the least, but The Royal Mint has now added an ugliness to it by messing about with the coin’s maximum mintage figure: http://newcoinreleases.com/the-definitive-britannia-2015-united-kingdom-2-silver-proof-piedfort-coin-mintage-2000-and-not-1000-as-previously-stated-on-the-royal-mint-website/

2015 China Silver Pandas – Where to Find the Best Deals

Are you in the market for a China Silver Panda or two, specifically 2015 China Silver Pandas? Are you looking for the best deals on 2015 China Silver Pandas? Be sure to get more information here.

Wholesale Coins Direct Review

Wholesale Coins Direct Review

Which Online Bullion Dealer Offers the Lowest Cost Bullion?

Bullion Dealer Reviews has made a comparison of online bullion dealers in order to find those which offer the lowest cost bullion in terms of price and cost of shipping. In other words, those dealers that fully cater to gold and silver stackers, those of us who like to buy gold and silver as close to spot as possible. Be sure to check out the results. It may come as a surprise to you. 


Constitutional Silver: MCM vs APMEX

Constitutional Silver or silver that counts among 90% silver that is referred to as “junk silver” by those who don’t know better, needs no introduction here. What needs an introduction here is which precious metals dealer offers the best deals overall when it comes to buying 90% silver in the form of Constitutional Silver, ModernCoinMart (MCM) or APMEX? 

mcm vs apmex

ModernCoinMart (MCM) recently added a refreshing selection of 90% silver in the form of Constitutional Silver items to their inventory. This made me wonder how MCM stack up against APMEX in this regard. It should be no secret after all that these two count among the cream of the crop when it comes to U.S. precious metals dealers as can be seen in more than one bullion dealer comparison and/or review. To keep it fair, I decided to do a like-for-like comparison by taking price and other data from the respective websites at the same time. This was done on 09/18/2014 between 01:30 and 01:35 ET.

For those of you not familiar with the term Constitutional Silver, it is used to refer to silver, mostly Dimes, Quarters, Half Dollars and Dollars that contain 90% silver, which is differentiated from other forms of 90% silver by the fact that it is authorized by the US Constitution. It is seen by many patriots as “the last form of US currency to follow what the Constitution mandated.”

Now while the respective prices are certainly not set in concrete and will most likely differ from prices taken now, it can certainly too some extent provide one with valuable insight into which of the two companies offers the best deals on 90% silver in the form of Constitutional Silver. In addition, I’ve only used the purchase of one bag and/or roll at a time in my comparison. This is to keep it relatively straightforward and uncomplicated. It is also a fact that most silver stackers and/or investors will only buy one bag and/or roll at a time. It should also be mentioned that all of the coins mentioned in the comparison are of average circulated condition.

So with the above in mind, I included the limited selection of data obtained, in no specific order, in the tables below (best prices and/or deals are displayed in bold):

Table A1

Table A2

Kindly Note: Prices not live or current. Prices taken on 09/18/2014 between 01:30 and 01:35 ET.

Credit card prices as per the table above:

$5 Face – Mercury Dimes: MCM offers the best deal. You save $11.63

Mercury Dimes 1

$100 Face – Mercury Dimes: MCM offers the best deal. You save $12.53

Mercury Dimes 3

$10 Face – Walking Liberty Half Dollars: MCM offers the best deal. You save $16.58

Walking Liberty Half Dollars 1

$100 Face – Walking Liberty Half Dollars: APMEX offers the best deal. You save $16.41

Walking Liberty Half Dollars 2

Wire prices as per the table above:

$5 Face – Mercury Dimes: MCM offers the best deal. You save $11.17

$100 Face – Mercury Dimes: MCM offers the best deal. You save $6.02

$10 Face – Walking Liberty Half Dollars: MCM offers the best deal. You save $15.63

$100 Face – Walking Liberty Half Dollars: APMEX offers the best deal. You save $22.07

Thus, in comparison to what APMEX has to offer, it should be clear that MCM overall offers the best deals on 90% silver, Constitutional Silver or junk silver. The only instance where APMEX offers a better deal is on bags of $100 Face – Walking Liberty Half Dollars. In both instances the conclusions are true for both credit card and wire prices. Now of course nothing is set in concrete here and the following must be taken into account:

1. Live Pricing: It is no secret that the prices of 90% silver have live pricing enabled. This means prices continuously update with up-to-the-minute market conditions. Thus, don’t use the price data in the above comparison(s) as a measure of exactly what you will pay at the respective precious metals dealers now.

2. Published Price Matching Policy: MCM will match or beat a competitor’s price as per their published pricing matching policy. This while, as far as I know, APMEX has no published pricing matching policy in place. Thus, while it was not taken into account when the above comparison(s) were made, it can certainly make a huge difference. Needless to say, it would be wise to contact MCM before buying from APMEX, because there is a real possibility that MCM may match or beat APMEX’s price on an item (and vice versa).

3. Other factors: When it comes to deciding which precious metals dealer offers the best deal or the best value for money, you have to look beyond the prices and shipping cost charged. These are of course important factors to consider, but you also want to consider factors such as experience and size, customer service, consumer protection, payment methods, returns & cancellations, etc. The bullion dealer comparisons and/or bullion dealer reviews at Bullion Dealer Reviews and Compare Bullion Websites take these factors into account. You may want to give it a read-through before making the next purchase, because the best prices may not always equate to the best deals.

4. Volume Discounts: Both MCM and APMEX give volume discounts. This can also impact on the results of the above comparison(s) made.

Now while the above is by no means extensive, it should give the prudent silver stacker, collector and/or investor valuable insight that can be used as a point of reference. I mean, how many of you knew for one that MCM offers Constitutional Silver or 90% silver for sale? In fact, how many of you knew that the 90% silver they offer is overall cheaper than what APMEX has to offer? Well, that for one certainly changed today. The best of all, unlike with APMEX, you know exactly who you are doing business with… to give you an idea: About MCM This is a huge plus in my opinion.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any of the above companies to make the above comparison(s) and/or to come to the above conclusions. I have done it primarily to help stackers, collectors and/or investors to make informed decisions when it comes to buying Constitutional Silver or 90% silver from the top companies in the industry, where the greatest number of people stand to benefit.

ModernCoinMart Deserves Its Title of eBay Top Rated Seller And Its Place in The Top 5 Bullion Dealers

There is a lot of talk about the “big five” precious metal and bullion dealers, with MCM, SilverTowne, APMEX, Gainesville Coins and Provident often seen at the top of the pile. These are the companies that are considered to be at the top of their game when it comes to selling coins online but it seems that MCM is running away from the pack a little with the experience they can give to customers. This guide aims to show customers, who are still unsure about the best place to buy gold, why ModernCoinMart (MCM) is not only seen as an eBay top rated seller, but one of the more respectable companies. It will do so by considering some very important areas: the products and services on offer, their respectability and accreditation with companies such as the BBB and their ratings from online feedback. Be sure to continue to read at NewCoinReleases.com

The Top Precious Metals Investors Use Bullion Dealer Reviews

When investors look for privacy and protection in portfolio diversification they turn to gold. Considered the best hedge against securities market exposure, gold bullion investment offers a safe haven asset good for strengthening the value of a portfolio. Unlike primary and secondary market securities in gold, physical gold assets do not require tax reporting. Reference bullion dealer reviews, compare bullion websites, compare bullion sites to find the best online bullion dealer and storage services offered to gold buyers. 

Global gold dealers acknowledge the growing demand for physical precious metals is partly sourced in market uncertainties connected with currency fluctuations and political tensions. China and India are two emerging markets exhibiting such a demand. With so much interest in physical precious metals, and particularly gold bullion, investors should be wary of sources without a reputable guarantee in sales. Bullion dealer reviews assist investors in sorting out gold bullion dealers who are legitimate from those that may be illegitimate.

Why Bullion Dealer Reviews?

Compare bullion sites in bullion dealer reviews to discern if a source is reputed and recommended as a top precious metals dealer. By conducting the research process prior to purchase, the risk of fraud or regret will be greatly reduced. Gold bullion dealers trading internationally, generally have a website. Read information in a bullion dealer review to determine which dealer sites have the greatest track record when it comes to meeting customer needs.  

Customer Feedback and Expert Opinion

Preview of gold bullion dealer websites in bullion dealer reviews normally provide a list from which to make comparison when it comes to customer feedback and industry reviews. Customer feedback discussing the value of a bullion dealer’s services, and their first-hand experience with a dealer offers new investors a buyer’s perspective. Testimonials given by customers can often make or break the decision of a buyer to go with one dealer over another. If a dealer is discussed as consistently reputable in individual investor endorsements, there is a good chance that the source will be the right selection for a buyer’s next bullion transaction. 

Expert opinion or industry reviews touching upon trends in gold bullion trading and recent profitable dealers made by way of dealers add further insights to dealer and customer commentaries. Search for reviews published by well-known experts in the industry to find out where they are currently trading gold. Mention of third party websites in expert or customer reviews, providing 5 star ratings should be put at the top of the search. Comparison of those results with dealer reviews will help to refine the search to two or three best in class bullion dealers. 

Many investors run a quick tally on the number of positive or negative reviews a dealer that has been recommended has received from customers. If customer feedback matches dealer and expert ratings in experience, reputation, and legal engagements, the next step is to proceed with the track record of the business. Investigation into the chosen few dealer websites may include research into the registration of the website, third party transaction and storage services, and legal background. If the results to an online gold dealer search narrow the decision to one or two dealers, it will be much easier to establish contract and proceed with a purchase of physical gold online. 

News Reporting

The final step in the bullion dealer review comparison process is a simple Internet keyword search to check for reporting on a gold dealer site’s brand identity in the news. Prior to making the dealer decision, input natural language phrases such as “gold dealer scam” or “fake bullion dealer reviews” to weed out negligent and/or fraudulent dealers from the list. Dealers that have a history of running into trouble with the authorities or who deceptively manufacture reviews (fake bullion dealer reviews), should obviously be avoided.

If investing in gold in a foreign market use the search engine designated for that market. There is a higher probability of catching reputational issues, including fake bullion dealer reviews, that may pose near future financial risk when performing national search engine keyword searched in the market where the dealer is located. If confidence in a dealer seems to be consistent across dealer reviews and the news, they have passed the investor stress test with enough evidence to forge ahead. Use bullion dealer reviews, compare bullion websites, compare bullion sites in keyword searches prior to investment.

Investor Research Knowledge

How well an investment performs has much to do with research. The more sophisticated an investor, the more research is likely behind the decision making process. By using bullion dealer reviews to commence the dealer search, an investor can eliminate the waste of precious time and financial resources. While dealer reviews may change over time, they still serve as the broad industry maxim in quality assurance. 

Gold bullion dealers belonging to the Industry Council for Tangible Assets (ICTA) are part of an international network of certified gold dealers. If a dealer website is cited as a reputable by an expert or industry leader, it is a good point of reference for evaluating other sites in the process. A website with an impeccable reputation, and no pending legal claims or complaints to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for the duration of their existence, should be a reliable source for bullion.  

New bullion dealers open online, daily. It is up to an investor to use dealer reviews to their best advantage. Information from a respected dealer is the most certain method of navigating the bullion dealer marketplace online. Reduce the risk of fraudulent gold bullion purchase by reading up-to-date bullion dealer reviews. Compare bullion dealer reviews, compare bullion websites, compare bullion sites, customer feedback, expert opinion, and news reporting to secure the best pricing and quality in gold bullion coins and bars online. 

Bullion Dealer Reviews: Do Your Part

Bullion dealer reviews can play an important role, not only when it comes to giving recognition to the top bullion dealers in the industry, but also when it comes to getting bang for your buck.

Bang for your buck…

Bang for your buck should of course extend beyond the price you pay. Many times I hear folks say that dealer x offers the best prices, but when you bring the rest into the equation, namely the cost of shipping, years in business, ownership disclosure, staff experience, customer service ratings, consumer protection, payment methods, online order availability, product selection and other factors, it becomes clear that dealer x is not really offering value for money (or can even be remotely deemed as a great dealer). In short, when you bring bullion dealer reviews into the equation, it becomes clear that the lowest price paid is no guarantee of getting bang for your buck.

Fake bullion dealer reviews…

Now of course you only want to take bullion dealer reviews into account that have meat on the bones. I mean, there are several fake bullion dealer reviews out there, where in most instances, the top rated dealer or dealers are only determined by the amount paid to the website owners. In fact, in many instances the relevant websites are owned by companies that rate themselves #1, while there is little or nothing to back up their claims. The real owners, in such instances, are for most part hiding behind proxy ownership and anonymous domain registrations. Nonetheless, it is in many instances not impossible to establish who the true owner(s) of a website is. In fact, in most instances it is relatively easy to establish whether a bullion dealer review is real or not. The only problem is that most folks don’t have the time nor desire to go into it at length. Yet, it is important to distinguish between fact and fiction if you wish to see bang for your buck.

Impartial ratings and reviews…

The above is the very reason why sister website, BullionDealerReviews.com, has seen first light. Where the idea is to provide a platform to members of public where bullion dealers can be reviewed and rated in an impartial manner as far as possible. It is in essence a platform where a little can go a long way, because while you don’t have to leave an extensive review or rating, every bit you contribute can ultimately be beneficial to yourself and many others. In fact, think of it as synergy where 1 + 1 = 3… where “synergy is the interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects. The term synergy comes from the Greek word synergia συνέργεια from synergos, συνεργός, meaning “working together” (Wikipedia).

Measures have been implemented to make the ratings and reviews at BullionDealerReviews.com as impartial as possible. E.g. not even the admin or webmaster has the ability to edit ratings. Reviews via comments can be moderated, but not ratings. In addition, the system at BullionDealerReviews.com is set up so that a user can only do like one rating per bullion dealer over a certain period of time. Rules are also implemented to make it virtually impossible for one vote to skew any given rating. It is of course not full-proof, but should help a great deal towards making impartial information available. The kind of information that can be very useful when it comes to choosing the bullion dealer that can offer the most bang for your buck, not only in terms of price, but also when other factors as mentioned above are brought into the equation.

Do your part…

In short: Be sure to take the time to do your part to help maintain and establish a ratings and review regime that is as far as possible stripped of partiality. You can do so by leaving a rating and review at BullionDealerReviews.com today. 

Northwest Territorial Mint Review

Northwest Territorial Mint has just been reviewed by a customer (kcaven):

This has got to be the WORST experience I have ever had trying to give my money to someone to buy a piece of silver. They gladly took my money-gave me a date almost a month out THEN sent me an email that it would be ANOTHER month or I could sell my order back at a $40 loss. Im sure they are doing this on a daily basis-take your money KNOWING they cant fill the order then try a bait and switch on you.

I wouldnt touch these clowns with a 10 foot pole EVER AGAIN


Source: Bullion Dealer Reviews