Unboxing the 2017 Chiwoo Silver Medal – STUNNING! | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing the 2017 Chiwoo Silver Medal – STUNNING!

Unboxing the 2017 Chiwoo Silver Medal – STUNNING!

Hey Guys! I have my most exciting unboxing so far in 2017.

Unlike many of my other unboxings –
It’s not like a 100oz silver pickup
It’s not a big haul of 90% Junk Silver
It’s not a rare bar or anything like that!

Instead, it is the long awaited sequel to the 2016 medal that broke the silver-verse

The 2017 Republic of Korea Chiwoo Cheonwang. I hope you enjoy!


SD Bullion

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23 Responses to Unboxing the 2017 Chiwoo Silver Medal – STUNNING!

  1. Crown Collector says:

    Got one as a gift ? thank you, you should’ve have, I will be expecting it in the mail.

  2. Silver Jaguar says:

    ordered mine as well

  3. Deplorable Duck says:

    how much were they. Those look sharp

  4. Mud Brother says:

    very nice coin.

  5. Tony Nieves says:

    beautiful coin

  6. Mostly Outdoors says:

    great coin!! its beautiful… dont worry about the A/C… I wish I had A/C lol.

  7. ShOwStOpp3rr says:

    thats a pretty sharp looking coin,,never seen one before

  8. SilverTorch66 says:

    Good vid on the Chiwoo! It’s nice to show folks that stacking can be more than just weight and that there are pieces out there that can be simply a pleasure to collect/stack! I feel the same way and have them myself! Well done!

  9. Kevin Karron says:

    great coin got mine now I just need the 2016

  10. Silver Wings says:

    I have 2 of these coming in the mail. So glad you did the video on it. Beautiful.

  11. Silver cat says:

    I just got mine in today ordered last week from MCM

  12. sophiaazelia says:

    I think the first one did good because it was the first and also the mintage was much lower, so I think that has a lot to do with it, but still these are really nice coins!

  13. MrSting17 says:

    I’m glad you said "Son of a Gun" cause if you said "Son of a Bee" we’d have a problem. 😉
    "Chi-woo" ! God Bless You.

  14. Truly Zambian says:

    Why do people still do "unboxing" videos when, as you said, the video title gives away what it is being unboxed?
    I always found the whole "unboxing" thing weird. I might watch "When Unboxings Go Wrong" though… When people unbox and find the item broken/damaged, or not what it’s meant to be. " _So today, as you guessed from the title, we’re unboxing my new camera with the new ultra-expensive uber-pixel lens which has a limited edition of only 5 in the entire world. Aaaand here it i- What the??? The lens is cracked!!!!!_ "
    Tough break, bud. Here’s a thumbs up though.

  15. Billy Gagne says:

    Awesome vid bro . Um yeah this is 5 months old I just got mine I didn’t really pay attention in 2016 About these gold mine coins man sometimes you hit dirt And then other times you hit paydirt .IF you know What I mean brother. Very nice coins /metals my bad. A could you help me out with steam it. If you send me email I give you my phone number and we could talk and you could try to explain it to me if you can If not then I’ll be sad lol but on I’ll get over it not send me mail brother please and I’ll send you something for helping me Cheers Pal …..

  16. daviesakiller says:

    hello Internet person. Pls don’t buy a knife, you’re not ready. Try a sewing store and get some quality Full Metal Scissors. Don’t go to walmart don’t go to a discount store. Buy quality! ( if u do get a knife pls hit a Halloween store for severed fingers and fake blood, that would be so funny!)

  17. Mendicus Machli says:

    So cool, they are all sold out already. And the first coin is already 100.

  18. SalivateMetal says:

    They look awesome. I wish I had gotten in on these last year. They look beautiful for sure.

  19. Samuel Wayne says:

    Really excited about that coin! I can’t wait to see it in person. It probably won’t go as high as the 2016’s, but it will still probably increase above $35 in the next year or so. Thanks for the quick look! Cheers!!

  20. EzPzFakie says:

    i want to buy it. but sounds likes a round =

  21. Silver Diva says:

    Very nice! If they take off the 1 clay next year it will make these more rare. Hope they do!

  22. Bill Long says:

    I just got one in the mail today too and I love it, now I’m gonna have to buy one of the expensive 2016’s. I think it’s kinda funny all these stackers (me included) spend thousands and thousands of dollars on silver and gold but have to open packages with cheap-ass, dull Chinese made cutting implements!

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