My FIRST video! Unboxing a special T.O.L. pour from Mr. Zeke! | Silver Unboxing

My FIRST video! Unboxing a special T.O.L. pour from Mr. Zeke!

My FIRST video! Unboxing a special T.O.L. pour from Mr. Zeke!

This beautiful poured silver has been safely resting in the box until I had time to do this video. Mr. Zeke did an amazing job as always! If you’d like to subscribe to his channel, here’s the link:

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11 Responses to My FIRST video! Unboxing a special T.O.L. pour from Mr. Zeke!

  1. Paul Wells says:

    He did a GREAT job! Very nice!

  2. Backyard Bullion says:

    Awesome video and great first video!

  3. Silver to burn says:

    Hello great to meet you, nice job on your first video! Welcome to the community! Can’t beat an uncirc Peace dollar a very pretty profile of the Miss Liberty! 🙂 Burnie.

  4. Tomoko's Enterprize says:

    It was the Sacker that got me going. Having Zeke get sick on us really affected the whole community and with his recovery the effect was the same. Amazing fellow doing amazing work for sure !

  5. Tomoko's Enterprize says:

    With the kindness of your sub I got one right back to ya. This community folks are amazing. It must have been so hard to have had that pc. sitting there. DRUM ROLL for you love. Welcome aboard and I will throw the bell on for you as well. Great firster vid mam !

  6. MrZeke says:

    Can’t believe I missed this video! Can’t believe I wasn’t subbed, my apologies! Glad I’m here now!

  7. Tip Up Silver says:

    I just found your channel. great first video and I look forward to watching all to come.

  8. mikegpo says:

    Mr Z is one of the good guys !! You should join us on a chat one time !! You can usually catch one after 4 central time !! Nice pick up !!

  9. Teddy Jones says:

    New sub. I just got a piece from Mr.Zeke..a button round. Super cool video

  10. Silver Hippie says:

    Nice video. This community is something special. I am going to order from Mr. Zeke any day now. Love Peace dollars, Silver Hippie and all, but mostly because the first silver I ever received was a peace dollar from my Grandparents. ✌

  11. Silver Streak says:

    Glad I came across your channel and just subbed. Better late then never. By the way… Nicely done video.

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