JMBullion Unboxing~ 2017 Deathstalker Scorpion, Grim Reaper High Relief Round & More! | Silver Unboxing

JMBullion Unboxing~ 2017 Deathstalker Scorpion, Grim Reaper High Relief Round & More!

22 Responses to JMBullion Unboxing~ 2017 Deathstalker Scorpion, Grim Reaper High Relief Round & More!

  1. Silver cat says:

    I like it all buddy the one that I don’t care that much for is the kangaroo I don’t know why I just don’t care for that coin. glad you got the 10 dollar off

  2. High Five says:

    great pickups my friend !!!!! love the reaper !!!!

  3. Silver Bean Counter says:

    Too bad it took filing a cc claim to get your money back. I’m selective with what I order from them. Inventory handling…

  4. Boogeyman 77 says:

    Are you getting the 5 oz grim reaper?

  5. Tomoko's Enterprize says:

    I am happy that you were able to get some satisfaction from them but I am a lot gun shy and when pissed off There will be only one recourse and that is not to deal with this type of poor service ever again. There are sooo many good places for us to get our lovelies eh.

  6. Silver Shaker says:

    Shame about the Vader coin my friend, but great pickups otherwise… love the reaper round! 😀

  7. DOC Silver Stacker says:

    Awesome Pickups !!!

  8. AG Argentum says:

    I paid by E check for those cedis coins and it took over a month to get my money back from JM Bullion. They did eventually send me a check.

  9. Alexander R De Voogt says:

    Very nice pickups! I really like that grim reaper round, very cool!

  10. Silver Honda says:

    Very nice pickups !! Love that Grim Reaper coin.

  11. SilverPig47 says:

    Those are all very nice, SS…the scratches are unfortunate, for sure. I like the mosaic composition of the Rwandan lunar rooster, I think they are unique enough to do well as a series. The Grim Reaper’s high relief & antiquing make it pop! I like JM Bullion because they are usually cheaper than others & I’ve never had a problem with them. The ‘Roos didn’t impress me enough to buy any, but that’s just personal preference. The Scorpion is appealing, but I think there are too many new offerings to collect/stack all of them. Thanks for sharing…Best 2 U, Pig.

  12. Silvers Ss says:

    Nothing wrong with that! Other than the scratched vadar. I’m on the fence on collecting that new Scorpio n series. They do look
    Cool. Cheers.

  13. Crown Collector says:

    Scorpions are as tough as they get, they can survive pretty much anything.

  14. MunkeySpaz says:

    That doesn’t surprise me about JM Bullion. That’s a company I want to like. I’ve tried to. But they seem very snobbish. Very, unforgiving. I dunno. They just rub me the wrong way. Glad to hear they tried to make things right though.

  15. BeachBum Silver says:

    Good looking coin man, looks like a good series to collect. Great coins man, I really dig the Darth coin and love the Kangeroos design but I hope it don’t milk spot on you as it’s 4 9’s. Great pick ups man.


    Nice variety of pickups…just got the Grim Reaper round from them, was also impressed with it!:)))

  17. D Wing's World says:

    Wonderful pick ups! Happy that the order was up to the standard it should be. The design on the Rooster is just a very unique and great looking one. Darth is a very well done design as well and i enjoy how they use the negative space on the coin. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Anthony G. says:

    Great choices on the pickups. Monarch did a nice job with the Reaper Round. Glad you got another Rooster for the collection. What do you think of the Scorpion after looking at it? Did it meet or surpass your expectations? I’ve got 1 on order myself. Sorry about the Vader coin. One of these days I will order a Kangaroo Bullion piece.

  19. JRW3 says:

    A whole 10$ off for all that aggrevation.You give em a 2nd chance,and they send you a scratched coin

  20. Chef Caponejr says:

    I like your pick ups the first one scorpion I been eyeing that one . It has nothing to do with the coin it self but the cardboard aren’t the same .i like the scottsdale advertisement cardboard one just my reference but still very good pick up

  21. Pacman Frog says:

    By any chance do you know what kind of capsule the reaper would fit in?

  22. Silver Hound says:

    nice pickups

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