Community Silver Unboxing | Silver Slayer | Silver Unboxing

Community Silver Unboxing | Silver Slayer

Community Silver Unboxing | Silver Slayer

Silver Slayer:
Ericson Mint:

Almost at 250 subcribers! For our silver giveaway, I may have some exciting news to everyone soon. But until that please check out the giveaway video

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25 Responses to Community Silver Unboxing | Silver Slayer

  1. Silver Sleek says:

    Congrats on picking up one of his bars before they sold out. Only 100 out there so they’re pretty rare! Congrats on your 250 subs btw!

  2. Tyler's Silver says:

    Thanks for watching and we are only 5 subscribers away from my silver giveaway! Good luck and Also may have a surprise for you guys tomorrow.

  3. TrikkeGuy says:

    Heh, if SHTF, these little guys will be like our pets, and if we have to cash them in, we’ll find new homes for them where they won’t be melted. "Bob, I’ll trade my silver bar FROM SILVER SLAYER for your load of firewood, but you have to promise that if you have to use this bar, the person who gets it next has to promise not to melt it. Otherwise, Bob, I’m going to pay you in dirty grimy merc dimes."

  4. Ag Scots Kiwi says:

    picked up a slayer bar and some per diems last week. very impressed with Ericson mint.

  5. Ag Scots Kiwi says:

    picked up a slayer bar and some per diems last week. very impressed with Ericson mint.

  6. Mostly Outdoors says:

    nice your at 250 sub’s! congrats man!

  7. Silver cat says:

    also congrats on the 250 subscribers that is awesome buddy

  8. Smokey Mcbongwater says:

    250 subs firreworks!! explosion! !

  9. Brandon Silver says:

    Pretty cool bars, I really love small chunky silver like my 10 oz geiger bars(My favorite) so I wish I grabbed one of these.

  10. Silver Wolverine says:

    Nice bar!

  11. Smokey Mcbongwater says:

    funny, tsquares channal is one I messased about ur channel

  12. Alexander R De Voogt says:

    Nice bars my friend! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Silver Gator says:

    nice pickup!

  14. Smokey Mcbongwater says:

    did I win?

  15. Android4499 says:

    You placed your order before mine lol. I received number 89!

  16. Samuel Wayne says:

    Great new bar Tyler! Love those poured bars! Thanks for sharing!! Cheers!

  17. Silver Slayer says:

    Thanks man! Glad you picked one up and enjoyed it! I appreciate you spreading the support man it means alot and also congrats on the success of your channel! Your hard work is paying off man!

  18. Lake Superior Silver says:

    Awesome you got one! I think they are sold out now!

  19. Smokey Mcbongwater says:

    3 subs to go, I needs the maple

  20. Smokey Mcbongwater says:

    when is the drawing video?

  21. Silver Vessel says:

    Very cool bar bud! I love the serial number!

  22. High Five says:

    great pickup !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Silver cat says:

    That is a nice bar Tyler. That pm I scent you earlier I’m going to have to hold off on it I didn’t realize that I was going to lose a lot of silver today thanks to Frank P hope you understand my friend

  24. Mostly Outdoors says:

    Very cool man, I got one as well and love it!! you will be at 300 sub’s within the hour! hope I win I’ve never one a silver contest and its bugging me. lol I’ve won several SHTF contset which is the main thing my channel is on but need to win a silver GAW. either way am very glad to have found your channel right when it came out! and always look forward to your vids

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