First Majestic Silver Delivery Unboxing 1080HD! | Silver Unboxing

First Majestic Silver Delivery Unboxing 1080HD!

First Majestic Silver Delivery Unboxing 1080HD!

I unbox a shipment of 50 troy ounces of silver from First Majestic Silver.

Price paid for the silver was $24.00 USD an ounce regardless of the denomination of silver ordered.

SD Bullion

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38 Responses to First Majestic Silver Delivery Unboxing 1080HD!

  1. mskittie30 says:

    what’s your city and address?

  2. Jared Roufosse says:

    @ovechkin100 hahaa….
    i was going to say, thats only for the Stanley Cup!!…
    then i seen your name was Ovechkin

  3. Robert Drake says:

    Buyin from FM isn’t much of a deal anymore. You can get Leaf’s from Kitco for not much more.

  4. pof1991 says:

    very nice thanks for sharing

  5. Jared Roufosse says:

    siick… but what are they for?
    paper weights?

  6. Ryan88 says:

    @ovechkin100 not necessary as long as you’ve washed your hands and you’re handling the edges only.

  7. AudiophileTubes says:

    Is First Majestic considered a reputable bullion dealer? Is there an equivalent of a ‘BBB’ (Better Business Bureau) for bullion dealers, where I could guage the relative honesty and reputation of various silver/gold companies? Thanks.

  8. Mike Cole says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Your Ag looks great. I’ve bought a lot from Scottsdale Silver, NTR; in addition to the Maples & US silver.

    Wow, those coins are shiny. Great camera, what kind is it?

    Mike in Manitoba

  9. Ryan88 says:

    @MrSilvershoot no fee for using credit card with first majestic silver, shipping times are slow right now 2-3 weeks till delivery. a $1000 order costs $29 shipping for me in Manitoba

  10. Ryan88 says:

    @mostlymichaelcanada its a Panasoinic HDC-HS60

  11. Tory says:

    aw you didnt use white gloves!

  12. Andreas Trela says:

    great video man
    thank you

  13. Tory says:

    @RyanB0011 but the whole, "never been touched" cannot be said….

  14. Tory says:

    @RyanB0011 fieww!!! now i can get some sleep : )

  15. Ryan88 says:

    Silver is an industrial metal and collector demand of silver makes up VERY little of the silver market. If every collector was to stop buying silver coins it would still not help your cause. Go talk to your government if you want something done, FMS is working within the guidelines and laws your government has in place.

  16. ASilversVoice says:

    Looks good.

  17. BackedBySilver says:

    Nice one mate. Nice and clear picture too

  18. TheZippoCollector says:

    Awesome silver purchases, keep stacking, appreciation from a London viewer 🙂

  19. eldergow2 says:

    the best silver and low price in the market is apmes , com thata where i bouth my gold and silver ove 83k worth

  20. Ryan88 says:

    @ovechkin100 I have some now, I’ll be posting a video of my 1oz gold maple leaf soon wearing them. 😛

  21. MisterSilverBug says:

    First Majestic Silver ticker AG "The purest silver company in the world"


  22. batterista says:

    How do you know if it’s real?

  23. Kaynos says:

    Thinking of trying them, what’s their processing time ? Hate when i pay for something and they take forever to ship. How are they ?

  24. SilentNinja says:

    Great video Ryan, Keep us updated with your stackin. Your vids motivated me to start collecting. I’m pretty much addicted now. – Thanks for sharing with us.

  25. Ryan88 says:

    @MrSilvershoot I want silver from monarch precious metals so bad…..I wish they shipped international. :

  26. Ryan88 says:

    @AudiophileTubes I’ve ordered from them 4 times without any problems whatsoever. I’m not to sure about the BBB thing. silvergoldbull.c o m is good as well.

  27. chisaoboy says:

    Your unpacking vids are the best. First of all, your camera ROCKS! Next, you show lots of detail… and don’t rush when you show it… you show paperwork well so I can pause and read… and you show everything on the camera (unlike some others who are doing 75% of everything off cam and all you see is their boring kitchen table. 🙂 I’m subscribing. Thanks so much.

  28. Tory says:

    @doomz78 yea i have 130 OZ and im not gonna buy anymore for a bit

  29. Metsery Alba says:

    i´m invited you to come here to feel the dinamite explosion that the first mejstic made with my mountains and with the completly ecological system coz they are finish with the rivers as well, realy you have to think about your realy necesitis and how they are costing us

  30. AudiophileTubes says:

    Is this a good time to start investing in silver?

  31. AudiophileTubes says:

    Silver is now over $40 an ounce as of April 8th, 2011! I wonder if this is just a ‘fluke’, or if it will continue it’s meteoric rise and hold increased value.

  32. Jack D says:

    Awesome dude. I plan to do a video soon showing what I got recently. just waiting for the last package to come. Keep stacking 🙂

  33. RetireShiny F. says:

    awesome bars and rounds man ! , Check out my new bars i got from silvertowne , FREE SHIPPING!

  34. Metsery Alba says:

    are u sick! i´m mexican & my people is diyin for your necesity to colected some stupid coins!! By people so materialistic as you we can´t see the same mountains than before First Majestic Silver arrive to San Luis Potosí (Mexico) God bless your material needs soon because if it´s not you are gonna finish with all the real valius thing that we have: THE LIFE!!

  35. Tory says:

    @RyanB0011 boo!!! just get some gloves ; )

  36. Frank Knopers says:

    Thanks for the video, love to see shiny silver bars. With coins/rounds i rather stick to government minted ones. Maple leafs are my favorite because of the design and purity.

  37. kokalti says:

    what does .999 fine silver mean? Is it 99% clean? Can you get 100%clean?

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