Silver Pickups Jan 2018 80ozt | Silver Unboxing

Silver Pickups Jan 2018 80ozt

Silver Pickups Jan 2018 80ozt

Another month has come and gone. Made it through the holiday season and liking the deals that are out there now. Just having fun!

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28 Responses to Silver Pickups Jan 2018 80ozt

  1. daviesakiller says:

    Wow that revolver is so well done. What a smooth finish on such a small piece while keeping the details. Love it!

  2. Ty Cole says:

    Awesome Pick Ups.. Nice Stack.. Keep it up.. i subbed you, pay it forward.. stop by my channel for a visit.

  3. the Führer says:

    can’t wait till the Banksters give me back me back my taxes. Its gonna be GLORIOUS

  4. kernel1949 says:

    Nice haul CC…Love the poured!

  5. Silver Back Stacker says:

    Great pickups dude! Do those Intaglio rounds come in capsules?

  6. Mostly Outdoors says:

    Great month buddy, my favorite are those two ounce big rounds!

  7. Assaf Tsur says:

    Wow. It is nice, good thing massachusetts sent me.

  8. gligor1290 says:

    Very cool silver pickups, my friend!

  9. E R I K says:

    Nice haul for January. Love the mutiny metals stuff, and the silverbug rounds!

  10. SalivateMetal says:

    Wow, some awesome pickups for January! Love the Intaglio Mint stuff. I need to get some of those.

  11. Silver Honda says:

    Very nice collection !! Love the mermaid poured bar.

  12. iluvsinging2 says:

    Awesome pickups

  13. Alexander R De Voogt says:

    Beautiful pickups my friend! Thanks for the show!

  14. Will's Coins N' Bills says:

    Amazing pickups!!! Liked and subbed!!!

  15. Corey Firecajun9262 Ardoyne says:

    Great pick-ups. Thanks for sharing. Love Mrs V’s turtle.

  16. Andre Gilbert says:

    Great pickups. I like the silver bug rounds, they look really nice.

  17. Tomoko's Enterprize says:

    So neat. A fine month for you for sure fella. Onward into 18 fella. Too many pieces here to comment on but I love em all.

  18. Big Bomber Stacker says:

    Great pickups, thanks for sharing.

  19. losinglouie says:

    Beautiful adds for the month. Quite a bit of weight for sure. Number 23 is pretty good for a slacker release. That’s great you have them all. I remember having the first release in my cart, and not being able to pay for it on Paypal, so I scipped. That was a loss for sure LOL. Love the other pirate booty. Working on something like that myself this morning woohoo. Take care, LL

  20. Cory W says:

    So much silver! I like the little gun.

  21. Skully's Corner says:

    Wow you have picked up some amazing pieces this last month. I am loving the Mutiny Metals pieces. I also love those Silver Bug rounds. Well done and we hope to be able to buy again soon ourselves. Thanks for sharing my friend and have a great week!

  22. TheStackingNerd H says:

    Awesome pick-ups, I love the Desert Eagle

  23. Al Gardner says:

    Dude your a beast. Thanks for sharing.

  24. silver patriot says:

    Nice pours and rounds like the vid .

  25. D Wing's World says:

    Those silver bug rounds are beautiful along with all the rest! Now I must go clean the drool off the floor. Thanks for sharing!

  26. DOC Silver Stacker says:

    Great recap. Enjoy seeing a lot of silver !!! Still can’t get over that turtle!!!

  27. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Great update my friend. I’m wondering if i can get the Silver Bugs rounds over here, i really like them.

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