Episode 189 – TOY HUNTING, My MARVEL LEGENDS COLLECTION, and Marvel Collector Coins! | Silver Unboxing

Episode 189 – TOY HUNTING, My MARVEL LEGENDS COLLECTION, and Marvel Collector Coins!

Episode 189 – TOY HUNTING, My MARVEL LEGENDS COLLECTION, and Marvel Collector Coins!

I share some VLOG stuff at a college football game, go TOY HUNTING for Marvel Legends, show my entire MARVEL LEGENDS COLLECTION, share some PO Box pickups, and review some MARVEL COLLECTOR COINS by MODERNCOINMART.COM!

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47 Responses to Episode 189 – TOY HUNTING, My MARVEL LEGENDS COLLECTION, and Marvel Collector Coins!

  1. juve draws cartoons says:

    U should consider displaying your pops out of box. Not the chases tho

  2. WarriorZ ToyZ says:


  3. William Sandefur says:

    Cool video. I think I have a 5-Below near me. I’ll have to check it out. Speaking of which, if all you need to complete your Onslaught BAF is the arm that comes with Cottonmouth, why didn’t you pick him up at 5-Below when you were there? I saw him when you were looking through the MLs, but you didn’t grab him. You’re not going to do much better than $5.

  4. Micah mccarthy says:

    That 5below has only been there for a month or two. I didnt see marvel legends last time I was there last time.

  5. VENOM Fang says:

    DOPENESS bro sick vid great content 5 below a hidden honey hole wtg on the scores n pickups KUTGW BIYAOW VENOM OUT!!!

  6. Shawn Palumbo says:

    #1 OHIO STATE BABY… Holy cow I haven’t been there since I was a kid.. I remember 85 vs Michigan when Harbaugh was QB for Michigan and Woody Hayes was Ohio’s coach.. good to see that before the toys..

  7. Shawn Palumbo says:

    You are the man bro… I just started marvel legends and have only picked up 2 but I’m watching your videos to help me choose my figures..

  8. TechChucker's Brain Blast says:

    Nice hunt Cincy, that coin is pretty sweet!

  9. KJCollections says:

    That superman print is dope.

  10. LegoFanatic37 says:

    Target has Stranger Things shirts. Woohoo!

  11. Troy Roach says:

    Great hunt video, Cincy. GO BUCKEYES!!!!!

  12. Mr.SmithGNR Smith says:

    Thor was awful. The humor was forced.

  13. alister sinn says:

    not bad collection . i know its hard to get rid marvel legends cause there all great . but sometimes you gotta down size . to buy more .lol and i have to say this is one of your best video man .

  14. William Smith says:

    I Like This video Good job Awsome Toy Hunter bro

  15. Jaden Giefer says:

    I wish I would’ve known you were getting rid of hobgoblin and silk, I’ve been wanting those for a longggg time

  16. Nathan Simmons says:

    Awesome Vid Cincy! Loved see the collection, Coins and pickups from BKK!

  17. Greg Cook Toy Photography says:

    Love the vid, Cincy why didn’t you rush the field lol. Happy B-Day to CincyMom, the marvel coins are really really cool you could also you a Challenge Coin Display. I use one for my military challenge coins

  18. TMan978 says:

    Its funny hearing someone talk about Five Below like its new. I guess it is for you though.

  19. Mr.SmithGNR Smith says:

    Taskmaster is one of the best Legends in yrs.

  20. Art Gutierrez says:

    Nice to see what’s remaining of the ML collection and awesome to see you have a 5below cause I have been going to that store for years! Great pickups bro!

  21. Johnny Valverde says:

    No juggernaut baf?

  22. Sin City Bargains says:

    Go Steelers!!! Soon to be 2017 Super Bowl Champs.

  23. xtremezone987 says:

    Binge-watched Seasons 1 & 2 of Stranger Things on the weekend then today I went & picked up the Dustin Pop & online I ordered the (Open-mouthed) Demogorgon pop. Man that show is awesome. I’m hooked. 😉 Good vid as always Cincy 🙂

  24. Chris Johns says:

    Ohio state football and marvel legends, a video made in heaven! Lol, great vid man keep it up!

  25. Willy Wonka says:

    If that’s by kohl’s I know we’re ur at and five below sells marvel legends

  26. Tattooine77 says:

    Damn i don’t have a five below here and there was a captain britian and red guardian that store has ghostbusters figures.

  27. Willy Wonka says:

    Wait where are you

  28. DjDRam1 says:

    One of your most successful hunts!!! Crazy

  29. Hazzattack 1206 says:

    I love stranger things it’s my favourite show and I found the mouth closed demogorgon chase pop I was so happy hope you find the whole collection:)

  30. Hugs Not Drugs says:

    Awesome video and great finds on the hunt

  31. The Tattooed Toy Hunter says:

    Nice grab for sure buddy!

  32. Captain Swish says:

    Awesome game to go to cincy don’t know how they could beat penn state and then lose 55-24 against Iowa anyway great vid and go bucks!!!

  33. R. K. says:

    What Hot Toys figs did you sell?

  34. Mr.SmithGNR Smith says:

    Aspartame causes cancer. Its banned in most countries. Don’t drink any diet or ear sugar free stuff. Look into it dude.

  35. SoDope816 Ricky Dones says:

    Love the video and Marvel Legends collection Cincy.

  36. Christopher Leusner says:


  37. Fernando Mercer says:

    Cincy! You have the best videos man! Keep up the good work!

  38. Nick's Figs says:

    Mike Meyers mask…. insert baby driver reference here. Awesome haul cincy!

  39. LegoFanatic37 says:

    I agree with you on season 2 of Stranger Things. I didn’t care a lot for episode 7.

  40. Jordan Silver says:

    More rap songs Cincy. Retire those public domain EDM songs haha.

  41. toy junkie says:

    U beat us by 1 point

  42. Beth Brawley says:

    and this is my moms acount

  43. kenobi 53 says:

    Go Buckeyes! My dad went there. I wish I could get into Marvel Legends but for whatever reason none of the retail stores other than Walgreens have them! It’s completely weird and cazy

  44. Jedha Patrol says:

    Bring on those hot toys !

  45. Beth Brawley says:

    hi cincy i also love stranger things and im collecting and i was looking to make a trade maybe

  46. Ricardo Escoto says:

    Yea men

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