Unboxing SBSS 5 oz Trivium Proof to Complete Proof Set to Sell | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing SBSS 5 oz Trivium Proof to Complete Proof Set to Sell

Unboxing SBSS 5 oz Trivium Proof to Complete Proof Set to Sell

Unboxing SBSS 5 oz Trivium Proof to Complete my SBSS Proof Set to Sell on Ebay when the price is right.

SD Bullion

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14 Responses to Unboxing SBSS 5 oz Trivium Proof to Complete Proof Set to Sell

  1. Double66s says:

    Nice Box for your SBSS coins, I too am thinking about selling my Proof set, I have them all except the debt and death and the first trivium coin, I think after looking on ebay I should make out good. I am going to wait to sell till Chris comes out with his new coins with his new company logo in January, I am hoping that will drive the price of the SBSS coins up. Anyway good luck with your transaction on these, let us know how you make out 🙂

  2. abliss2006 says:

    Nice looking Set!

  3. Titaniacs says:

    $32 per oz. At $20 spot…

  4. SalivateMetal says:

    Great video. Good luck in selling these. I think a lot of people are starting to unload their SBSS stuff. he had a few good designs. but, with the dram that unfolded and some of Chris Duane’s anti-American and conspiratorial views, I think interest waned for some.

  5. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Great looking proof, I’ve never gotten into the SBSS silver. He does make great videos.

  6. Silver Siren says:

    You may be able to bet a better price on Stackerville than ebay, but if you post it as an auction, there’s always the chance of a bidding war.

  7. stackaloha says:

    those look great in that box bro! I started stacking after  chris duane and rob gray had their falling out and mulligan mint was having production issues too. Consequently, I have stayed away from SBSS rounds,I really like most of Duane’s designs.  I have only the "freedom girl" round though. Those coins look great though like I said and I would think you will be able to sell it quickly! good luck

  8. UKKSA Silver says:

    Hi, would you sell that set now? It’s just what I’m looking for. Please reply or PM me as I’m very interested if it is for sale

  9. themicmac88 says:

    That’s a very beautiful 5 oz coin!!

  10. Mrs. Silver Peacock says:

    Beautiful Trivium! I just picked up the 5 oz Proof Freedom girl.. Check out my video if you have time.. Take care! Subscribed!!!

  11. WhyMeWhySilver says:

    You go dude…..that’s a nice set!

  12. James Hopkins says:

    Howdy S.S. Nice Set you completed there *_* Congrats Man!
    Wondering 2 things… I could hear in your voice a lack of enthusiasm PLUS you said it twice that you’re "over SBSS".

    1) I’m just wondering if you mind explaining why you’re over em?
    2) Did you ever sell the set to your satisfaction.

    I may be a little naive…. & you’ve been collecting a lot more diligently & a lot longer than I have…(I’m a newbie stacker) but this 5 oz trivium proof may be one of my top favorite coins. (I’ve got about 4-5 of em) I don’t even want to sell em for a long time. I just dig em for some reason… simply esthetics I guess.

    You probably know more about the "politics" behind the company… & I’d really love to hear your thoughts & feelings.

    Thanks for all you do

  13. ThesharpNshiny says:

    Great plan! You shouldn’t have a problem getting your money back on the set

  14. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

    Very nice, you should have no problem breaking even for that set , does look nice in the case