Latest Silver Pickups and Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Latest Silver Pickups and Unboxing

Latest Silver Pickups and Unboxing

My latest pickups and unboxing.
2 oz Cleopatra Silver Round
2014 Chinese 1oz Silver Panda Coin
2015 Chinese 1oz Silver Panda Coin
2016 Australian Kookaburra 1oz Silver Coin

SD Bullion

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18 Responses to Latest Silver Pickups and Unboxing

  1. Silver Streak says:

    Very nice pick-ups. Hopefully that one spot on the kook isn’t indicative of the 2016’s. Thanks for sharing

  2. Silverstack Mac says:

    Nice pickups hope to gets some kooks soon as well. Have the same theory about chasing coins but just did get the 2014 myself

  3. Silver Diva says:

    Very nice pickups! The Pandas and the Kooks look great…

  4. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Hey, free chocolate’s good, but i must say i love those pens that Colonial Acres give out. All very nice choices, let me know if you got that spot off the Kook or did you have to return it?

  5. HiHo Silver says:

    Nice show . . . looks are lovely! HiHo

  6. КРЫМский вариант! says:

    Will support your channel my Subscription!!!I hope that you will support my channel!)

  7. Mercury Mark says:

    Nice Pandas!

  8. Silvernews com says:

    Nice pickups
    liked & subbed

  9. Charmcity Stacker says:

    Nice pickups, I really like the design of the new kooks. Why are the premiums so high there? Is it taxes, or just because of the shipping to another country.

  10. AuRebel says:

    Nice pickups but won’t they frost in your Igloo? Need to get them in Air-Tites haha. Take care.

  11. J Silver says:

    LOL igloo! How far north are you? I’m a few hours north of the US border

  12. The Silver Patriot says:

    Very nice video! I love the panda series! Subscribed to your channel and liked the video!

  13. Argentum Spartus says:

    Great pickups, I subbed to your channel also!!!

  14. Silver Haired Gamma says:

    Love those coin my friend, excellent choices…Gamma

  15. Silverino says:

    me too, where are you at again? I am just south of the border, Mexico. Thanks for sharing your pickups.

  16. McG silver says:

    Nice pandas and kooks.

  17. Gold Bug says:

    Pandas have always done well and it is my opinion the 2014 and 2015 will not be different. 2016 seems to be a success too even after converting to metrics. the Cleo is a fantastic piece and once you hold it you really can appreciate the amazing job they did

  18. Scotty06WWJD says:

    New Sub and liked! Neat round, love the high reilefs..;)…And Panda’s and Kook’s are my 2 favorite coins EVER! (Picked up a few 2016 Kooks and Panda’s myself)..You did good on getting a whole roll..I think the 2016 design will be really popular (maybe even as much as the 2008?)…thanks so much for sharing…Feel free to check out my channel and sub back if you would like..;)