Epic Silver unboxing! | Silver Unboxing

Epic Silver unboxing!

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  1. Teddy Jones says:

    Right on Mr.Mark thanks for the sub I appreciate it.. I should have some videos coming out soon. I’m a fellow stacker and I pour some cool bars a lil bit.. The gold half is sweet

  2. cab7 says:

    An awesome collection Mark. Very exciting to see my favorite coin bullion>>> The American Silver Eagle Roll. Awesome!!! I am a new subscriber to your channel. Please feel free to subscribe back to my channel & we can support each other. Thanks so much for sharing Mark & I look forward to seeing more of your videos. 🙂

  3. YNumismetals Collector says:

    Wow! Amazing coins! Always love graded MS franklins! And even some gold!!! You gotta showcase those blazing franklins!

  4. Mostly Outdoors says:

    sweet buys dude!!!!!

  5. In God I Trust says:

    Hard core stacker!

  6. Barren und Münzen says:

    I just supped 🙂

  7. Gauged Silver says:

    awesome unboxing. id like to get some more slabbed coins myself

  8. Silver Slacker says:

    Great pickups bud! Yeah I have never seen a red NGC case before.

  9. Drake Borden says:

    Great pickups! Nice of you to return the roll of Franklins. The error was definitely in your favor!

  10. Pawz Brown says:

    are you part off the METALS MAFIA? I’m a fan of the Franklin half’s and NGC also. how are the prices thru liberty coin?

  11. superneo123 says:

    great pickups, love the franklin collection

  12. Matthew The Great Coin Roll Hunter says:

    Hittin’ it hard mister! Great work

  13. SalivateMetal says:

    Wow, what an unboxing. Some great pickups my friend.

  14. Thrills In The Dig - North Carolina says:

    yeah i will check out his channel i love gardening and working in the yard you have some amazing coins !!!!!

  15. J Silver says:

    All of those packages makes me excited! I have about 8 to pick up in Feb! Stuff I purchased back in Sept, Oct, Nov and this month.
    The anticipation is killing me……….. LOL

  16. B Davis says:

    very nice Mark! I have yet to purchase a slabbed coin

  17. Big Lorry says:

    Great vid my friend – just love those Franklins!!!!

  18. ~cOiN*cOllEcTiNg*fUn~ says:

    So awesome my friend! 😀

  19. Gold hawk420 says:

    Nice pickups Mark!! Alil bit of everything,thanks for sharing friend keep stacking.

  20. Silverino says:

    best looking were born in 1955, don’t now about the smartest ;p

  21. Silver Diva says:

    Wow nice pickup! Luv those NGC red boxes.

  22. stackattack says:

    Great pickups!

  23. SilverStrike says:

    Great stuff Buddy. I’m glad to see Golden Eagle coins fixed the problem with your order.

  24. bart Silver says:

    Nice festive NGC box! Now all you need is a green one 🙂

  25. SilverHustlin13 says:

    I have an MS64 Franklin date/mint set in PCGS, I look forward to see your complete!!

  26. EM3 or e m³ Making Metal Mine says:

    I didn’t catch the channels name…, Permaculture something?

  27. Barren und Münzen says:

    Very cool

  28. SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев says:

    Cool….thumb up)

  29. Mostly Outdoors says:

    you should have kept the tube of Franklins! lol

  30. MuskokaRC says:

    Sweet pickups Mercury Mark.

  31. Coin hunter says:

    wow amazing stuff

  32. A Friend says:

    Super pickups Mark ! A tube of ASEs for $376,,,,, Score !!!! Thank you for sharing my friend :-))

  33. parson 6868 says:

    Nice!I like those NGC cases .
    Love those Mercs .

  34. Shrieken' Griffin says:

    I bet my Franklin half collection will look like that some day! They were so pretty!

  35. Pit Bullion says:

    Great Pick Ups Dude!

  36. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    I could have sworn I commented on your video yesterday morning about the score you made on that tube of Eagles. Strange, it seems to have disappeared.

  37. senator silver says:

    Nice video! I enjoy your channel

  38. richcali21 says:

    you should be using PCGS because when it comes time to sell these graded coins you will get closer to full price with PCGS and they have a higher value for the same coin when compared to NGC. Dealers will also reduce the price for NGC but not for PCGS. Some coins in the same grade are as much as thousands of dollars more valuable with PCGS. I have sold over 100 graded coins worth more than $300 some worth close to $3,000.

  39. Silver to burn says:

    Cool, thanks for the unboxing! Nice collection!

  40. brianj123458 says:

    nice video

  41. PharmSilver says:

    Nice buys!! What is the value of the proof franklins you’ve been getting ?

  42. McG silver says:

    Great pick ups. You will have to do an update on the franklins. Does the PCGS slab box hole the NGC slabbed coins?

  43. Billy Gagne says:

    hey Mercury Mark How can I look up my star notes to see how many they minted do you know of any sites I collect them cuz they’re cool and I love my Mercury dimes I just got the gold one.. The hundreth anniversary

  44. Kerris L Ravenhill says: