Weekend Unboxing: Us Coinage both SIlver and Gold | Silver Unboxing

Weekend Unboxing: Us Coinage both SIlver and Gold

Weekend Unboxing: Us Coinage both SIlver and Gold

Unboxing some Silver and Gold this weekend
America the Beautiful Program
American Gold Eagle Program

SD Bullion

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28 Responses to Weekend Unboxing: Us Coinage both SIlver and Gold

  1. silverguy says:

    great price on that eagle!

  2. Dellrugby PM says:

    First!  Love ATB and can never say no to Gold Eagles…

  3. tpntch07 says:

    Short & sweet, very nice!

  4. Avalanche2 says:

    Ooofa, its so sad to see people pay premiums on non numismatic bullion.  When you to to sell, those premiums are not returned. 

  5. SalivateMetal says:

    Some nice pickups! Yeah, the ATB P versions are getting pricey. The Mint made a very bad move not honoring their subscription prices for this one and still have not lowered their prices even though silver is down substantially since they enacted these prices.

  6. SilverHustlin13 says:

    SWEET! $310 on that 1/4oz is a steal man nice. I also got a 2014 when I chose their choice. As far as the ATB’s go I was on the fence too their so awesome though, I guess the next designs will help my decision? Thanks for sharing SNS.

  7. Silver Bear says:

    Nice buy. The 1/4 oz seems better than the 1/10 oz

  8. Brice CoinsAndRelics says:

    Very cool additions. I love the 1/4 eagle. Keep stacking it up!

  9. MrVegiita says:

    I think the everglades p coin is the 2nd best coin design for 2014 but the price should have been lowered since spot came down.

  10. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Nice ATB & goldie, thanks for sharing your additions.

  11. silver buyer says:

    Nice adds! Thanks for sharing!

  12. halfdollar1 says:

    Nice gold pickup sNs.  EBAY is such a wonderful precious metals subsidizer:-)

  13. miah022 says:

    I’m starting to like gold more and more, great additions to your stacks.

  14. Silver NewJack says:

    I decided to only buy the ATB coins that I think will carry a high premium in the future. Unfortunately since I got the Everglades ATB, I will also have to get the next version because they look so similar. Nice goldie

  15. Unknown says:

    10% is a deal man. Looking good. I don’t blame you with the ATB series. Beautiful coins, dont get me wrong, but I’ve been avoiding the US Mint for some time now (it’s very apparent in my videos). Peace brother, keep doing your thing. Have a nice week and don’t eat too much on Turkey day. 

  16. Sentrix says:

    Hey SharpNShiny posting my first unboxing video soon I hope you watch it

  17. StackMaster G says:

    The ATB coin is very nice looking.  Nice 1/4 oz "goldie."  Great deal with the 10% off.  Nice adds TSNS…

  18. SilverStackerKid says:

    Wow. Very amazing pickups!

  19. Angel Silver4Tseven says:

  20. Silver Slacker says:

    Very nice!  I think the Everglades coin is a really nice one and will have the lowest mintage of all of them this year since the subscription plan discount is over.

  21. bart Silver says:

    All American! I agree with the ATBs; I think the mint is handling the pricing on these in a greedy way. As you can see from the sales numbers they get lower and lower. Plus the 2015 designs are crap.

  22. DARK STITCH 626 says:

    Very nice gold i plan to see the atbs through to the end!

  23. Cull Silver says:

    I have spent all my PM money for a while, so I am living vicariously thru people like you and your unboxings, lol.  Nice pick ups, although I seem to hear many are growing mentioning that they are tired of the ATB’s or at least the US Mints program.  1/4 gold eagles are always a nice addition.  Thx for sharing with us.

  24. BigstackMcgee says:

    Excellent pickups sNs – hard to beat gold on sale!

  25. Mario M says:

    Nice coins S&S, Thanks for sharing.

  26. silverflash says:

    Its funny that the 1/4oz gold eagle cost twice the amount of that huge 5oz silver coin. Love the spyderco USA made knifes. Do you own any nice automatic OTF’s? 

  27. MrUlfang says:

    Gold and Silver, Sharp.

  28. mhandrews11 says:

    Nice lookin Goldie. Exactly my next gold purchase.