Unboxing 10oz Queen’s Beast Silver Griffin | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing 10oz Queen’s Beast Silver Griffin

Unboxing 10oz Queen’s Beast Silver Griffin

Here’s your opportunity to watch an unboxing of the Queen’s Beast 10 ounce Silver Griffin!

We really enjoyed pulling these Beasts out and reviewing them. This coin has some really cool micro-engraving on the obverse and reverse! The Griffin is so well done! The Queen is the Queen, but the quality of this coin is seriously some of the best quality we’ve seen for a 10 oz bullion product with a low premium. Sick coin!!

If you enjoy the video, make sure to give us a thumbs up and hit the red subscribe button so you can see more of them. Add a comment about what you wanna see next. We have tons of stuff we can show off and wanna give you what you wanna see.

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35 Responses to Unboxing 10oz Queen’s Beast Silver Griffin

  1. Michael R says:

    Why don’t you offer it as a pre-sale item like you do with the America the beautiful coin

  2. ChuckleHeadTV says:

    Very nice and big!

  3. abliss2006 says:

    Nice video! Its definitely nice to see some faces behind provident metals. Might be cool to show some new poured silver pieces you guys get in. Thumbs up!

  4. Tony B says:

    Just by watching this video it’s going to make me order one. Thanks for sharing , just made a sale…..

  5. D Smith says:

    How often do you check purity in your silver

  6. James Hopkins says:

    "Suki Suki" Stunning piece…. (except for the Beast Queen opposite to the Griffith) *_*

  7. AG Argentum says:

    If I buy three will they come on the original cardboard?

  8. 1966Hemi426 says:

    Excellent. A must have.

  9. Robert Barzallo says:

    Terrific beast coin. From your description, a lot of care to detail has been achieved.

  10. Mahalia Silver Stacker says:

    Awesome video its time yall do freight forwarding address delivery with your products. It will for sure be delivered to your client and also accept PayPal International payment. Again awesome video. Also Jody Clark is a male not female.

  11. Scott Smith says:

    These people sent me some scruffed up coins and then gave me a hard time about it.I ordered coins from these punks for years and all of a sudden the service and quality went to hell.Never had a problem from APMEX and didnt have to wait 2 months for a monster box.It got to the place where i didnt know what i was going to get and surely never knew when it was coming.You would think someone that sold coins would know how to say Numismatic!Two thumbs down Rookies

  12. Italian G says:

    Now if you can get the spot price to go up……….

  13. Scott says:

    Nice coins – great job guys – I clicked SUBSCRIBE and am looking forward to future videos!

  14. ~cOiN*cOllEcTiNg*fUn~ says:

    I’m a huge fan of Provident Metals!! Keep up the great work!!

  15. papavalium says:

    Looking great guys, thanks again for showing how real you guys are. Appreciate the videos.

  16. Silver Cobra says:

    Great coin, awesome series.

  17. texman81 says:

    Okay, okay, you got me. Ordered one of these beauties from you about 15 minutes ago.

  18. MrMnmn911 says:

    Sweet 10 oz. Griffin. Thanks for showing.

  19. Silver Chronic says:

    These are my only 10-ozer (Lion and The Griffin). 10/10 – Jody Clark is the best.

    Do an un-boxing of the Perth Lunar 5-ozers…. do you know why that size is still delayed/unavailable? Why don’t you guys carry Rwanda coins; their 3 series (Wildlife, Lunar, & Nautical) are really popular.

  20. Silver Gt says:

    Hey provident i live in the dallas fort worth area: are you guys hiring!?

  21. fire1777 says:

    Show the new Lunar please.

  22. Tyler's Silver says:

    All I got to say is that I appreciate you guys actually talking in your unboxings videos because I know bullion exchanges does the same thing but their videos just have music on it and are 1minute or less long. Thanks for taking the time to unbox these coins on video and show the details on each coin and even tell everyone about the coin.

  23. Gary Lewis says:

    Nice. think I’ll buy some

  24. DOC Silver Stacker says:

    You should do employee discount day for everyone once a year!!! Lol. You guys are a great Bullion dealer.

  25. SalivateMetal says:

    Absolutely stunning. Another great unboxing. I love the textured obverse in the fields. The Griffin looks great and they are nice low premium coins for sure. I think Jody Clark is a guy. Great job guys. So cool to get to see the people behind Provident Metals. Awesome that you are doing these videos. I want to see the new "Vanilla Ice Baby" rounds that Joe mentioned at the very end. 🙂

  26. rvnmedic1968 says:

    Mintage figure? Interesting vid. The Royal Mint does a great job packing those monsters. I don’t own anything of that type, but have been buying silver and gold bullion from you for years now. Maybe it’s time to grab a Griffin…

  27. Ken Brome says:

    if only her face wasn’t on it !!!! She reptilian of course it’s snake skin

  28. gemini232003 says:

    My want list is bigger than my wallet,…..great looking coin, I have the 2 oz in the first 3 and just ordered the Unicorn

  29. Stan Hill says:

    But how do I by some ???

  30. Teddy Jones says:

    Now that’s a chunky beast…very cool.. I dig the anti milk spot field.

  31. Sjm7837 says:

    I enjoy your vids. Any plans to sell the 1/4 oz gold Queens Beasts?

  32. Michael R says:

    What I would like to see is the 5 ounce Australian Luna series 2 year of the dog I’m getting very nervous that you guys are not going to be getting this coin please keep us updated

  33. silver tangent says:

    i have to say that Provident Metals is the best precious metals dealer that i have delt with,thank you for your integrity and value.

  34. Misfit Coins says:

    Just "WOW"! I’m a big fan of the Antiqued Silver Nordic Creatures series. Are their any future plans to continue that series? Thanks for sharing this. Cheers!

  35. Lake Superior Silver says:

    Enjoyed the video keep them coming!