SilverTowne SILVER BULLION Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

SilverTowne SILVER BULLION Unboxing

SilverTowne SILVER BULLION Unboxing

This is my first time ordering from , i purchased x10 , 1oz .999 silver bars @ a great price with FREE SHIPPING . please comment and thumbs up!
let me know where i am buying my next silver from!!!!!!!!!!!

SD Bullion

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21 Responses to SilverTowne SILVER BULLION Unboxing

  1. Paul says:

    Way to keep it classy Lionel

  2. Lionel Ducote says:

    "New Silver"?? Did silvertowne make it in a lab, prior to shipping?? or do you think it was mined from ancient

  3. Ape Man says:

    I look forward to posting my first vid, I have also purchased all of my bars so far from SilverTowne, and I can not complain.

    I understand the frustration on waiting, but what is so cool, is when you forget you order them and they show up in the mail, it’s like Christmas.

    Keep up the stack. If you haven’t already, check out Silverfish VT channel and look for the Spreadsheet Goal! I am at 53 oz so far.

    I have seen several sites, but I seem to get a better deal with Silver Towne for the bars!

  4. Joseph Davis says:

    I get all my silver from silvertowne. It’s the cheapest way to get new silver with free shipping!

  5. Lionel Ducote says:

    At least you got positive in the end. BooHoo 2 weeks, sorry my batt. went dead?? You should have been a boy scout. "Plan Ahead" there (the boy scouts) motto.

  6. b5clubber says:

    Sucks about the wait. I know how the anticipation can buold. But VERY nice bars

  7. gasdorfy munchy says:

    best value around, best company if want close to spot and small orders ..FREE SHIPPING ! is COOL

  8. AG Argentum says:

    Awesome bars!

  9. Vincent Lee says:

    Awesome upload some more 🙂

  10. Jim Kenson says:

    SilverTowne is a great place to do business. I have been to their store more than once. Not that far from where I live.
    For anyone that is interested I have a great spreadsheet for tracking silver and gold. It will update the prices for you and the total value. Free to anyone that sends me an email asking for it.

  11. BigstackMcgee says:

    Nice looking bars – I’d recommend providentmetals – not free shipping like Silvertowne, but great prices and reasonable shipping for small orders. I subbed – I’d love to have you check out my channel too – peace!

  12. Lionel Ducote says:

    Nothing but the facts. "Joe Friday"

  13. Lionel Ducote says:

    one more thing, "Whats your address" if you let your batt go dead you might leave your front door open.

  14. 101platayoro says:

    2weeks is actually pretty fast, if ya send checks to n

  15. silvermad1 says:

    good job nice bars

  16. sternumkick says:

    The shipping isn’t that long it takes them 12 days to pack it, that’s the problem.

  17. PlanetCoins says:

    Nice sheet of bars!

  18. SilverTowne says:

    Nice looking silver bars! 😉 Thank you for the video… We understand the frustration in waiting 2 weeks for an order. It won’t always take that long to receive your orders, we have just been overwhelmed lately with support and orders. Thanks again for you order – and for sharing!