Silver unboxing from jm bullion | Silver Unboxing

Silver unboxing from jm bullion

Silver unboxing from jm bullion

* 3 sets of silver queen beast one each for my son,daughter, and me

SD Bullion

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4 Responses to Silver unboxing from jm bullion

  1. Zach Silver Stacks says:

    hey nice pick ups for the queens beast series. if you have watch my older videos you probably know thats my favorite series right now. Also just a tip, I did this on one of mu first videos. Make sure if your filming with your phone to turn the camara side ways. otherwise people watching you videos on the computer cant really see.

  2. JM Bullion Inc says:

    You got some of our favorite products!! Those wolf coins are just beautiful! Those queen’s beast coins will definitely be a great set to have!

  3. Collector4Life says:

    Nice pick ups!

  4. CM Silver says:

    I really like the queen’s beasts. Unfortunately, I had an order pending from Penn Metals, so I might net get that one.