RCM Small Gold Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

RCM Small Gold Unboxing

7 Responses to RCM Small Gold Unboxing

  1. Heavenly Prepper says:

    sweet gold pick up Nick


    Great coin. A real looker 🙂

  3. TriLL tonŸ says:

    pretty nice!

  4. silverfish VT says:

    Beautiful little goldie. Very nice. I have been thinking about pulling the trigger on the Chipmunk at some point. 

  5. lanceoa says:

    Nice piece nick!

  6. Solomon El Dorado says:

    Nice piece! Nothing like Gold

  7. FineSilver ArgentPur says:

    Impressive one-handed dexterity and beautiful piece – thank you for sharing.

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