New Junk 90% Silver Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

New Junk 90% Silver Unboxing

New Junk 90% Silver Unboxing

Monarch metals had a sale. This was almost two weeks ago, and we just experienced a huge dip last night were currently recovering from

SD Bullion

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11 Responses to New Junk 90% Silver Unboxing

  1. samtheman773 says:

    @oldtimefreedom gotcha, thanks for watching

  2. BetterSafeThanSorry7 says:

    thanks for telling me about monarch precious metals! Im going to order some stuff from them soon.

  3. samtheman773 says:

    @ewtoutdoors thanks alot man

  4. samtheman773 says:

    @TheLazySpoiledKitty TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  5. ewtoutdoors says:

    Excelent, take care and have a good one.

  6. samtheman773 says:

    @indignant99 i now know that thanks!

  7. samtheman773 says:

    @pranachimana thanks

  8. samtheman773 says:

    @MrXbox54 yep!

  9. oldtimefreedom says:

    that walking liberty looks like it’s in great condition (btw on the dime it’s lady liberty -merc is just a nickname…) KEEP STACKIN’

  10. samtheman773 says:

    no prob! keep stacking

  11. TheLazySpoiledKitty says:

    Dude where’s Mule project part 7??!! :D!!!!

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