Bullion Micro Breweries – MUTINY METALS (silver stacking unboxing) | Silver Unboxing

Bullion Micro Breweries – MUTINY METALS (silver stacking unboxing)

Bullion Micro Breweries – MUTINY METALS (silver stacking unboxing)

The second installment of Bullion Micro Breweries. This time it’s Mutiny Metals 2 oz poured silver bar. Also, Liberty Island, and some shot!

Please watch: “EPIC BULLION CONTEST – Opens WorldWide 11-14-2015”
➨ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUv8B2ELl7g

SD Bullion

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29 Responses to Bullion Micro Breweries – MUTINY METALS (silver stacking unboxing)

  1. splod44 says:

    micro breweries macro breweries nano breweries cheers to them all.Can’t wait for the pouring videos.

  2. Numis Mm says:

    interesting hand made literally poured bar… unique

  3. CyberCurtainTwitcher says:

    Nice adds, i look forward to seeing the silver pour.

  4. todd mitch says:

    very cool buddy

  5. Stokjockey says:

    Love your videos and the Beer looks Great too……………….I am very Happy about being Sober for 25 Years this Month.

  6. Christopher Sanchez says:

    I agree check that package material. LL did you get fire bricks for your station? if you first bar looks bad you can always remelt and try again.

  7. TooMuch YouTube says:

    Mutiny Metals is having a giveaway on his channel.

  8. Numis Mm says:

    interesting hand made literally poured bar… unique

  9. AuRebel says:

    Nice pickups LL.

  10. SILVER ROOKIE says:

    Nice pickups. That Mutiny Metals bar is really cool. Love that logo as well.

  11. Shoeless Clown says:

    Nice pick ups. I been looking at RedwoodPoured bars on Instangram. They have some really nice pour lines to them

  12. 101platayoro says:

    So get to the grocery store, spring for the twenty mule team and get busy! Lol

  13. Silvernews com says:

    Very cool good luck with your projects

  14. vulcan5678 says:

    Nice pick ups. Very cool you got your silver shot in. Can’t wait to see you start pouring.

  15. silver buyer says:

    Nice! Always loved Mutiny Metals but my favorite part of the video was "THE END"!!

  16. Bagins says:

    Mr. Losingpouie,
    Beautiful custom poured silver bar. Nice acquisition. The ultra high relief rounds are of exceptional quality as well. Good look on your first pour.

  17. silverpools says:

    Limit was five on Aphrodite. Best to hold right now. Not much profit flipping right now.

  18. Not Sonew says:

    Nice bar, looking forward to you pours…

  19. SilverStrike says:

    Cool stuff; I’m looking forward to seeing your pouring results and of course, I’m hoping to get my fingers on one of those guitar picks.

  20. DriveShaft Drew says:

    nice bar

  21. SalivateMetal says:

    Very nice orders! Love the Mutiny metals bar! BTW, You can get a big box of Borax for cheap at Walmart. I got a box for our pours for about $5.

  22. The Vaulture says:

    Such a great series…creative idea Louie

  23. TooMuch YouTube says:

    His 3oz bars are almost sold out.  He’s only making 100 bars.  Check his eBay store.

  24. encepurdy68 says:

    Sweet stuff again

  25. TooMuch YouTube says:

    They just came out with new very limited bars.

  26. Silver Streak says:

    Nice silver additions. Nice ending too. 😉

  27. Numistacker says:

    The 2oz bar is really nice. Never noticed them before so thanks for that.

  28. Silver Slacker says:

    Best part of this video was the end 🙂 Very cool poured bar though! Congrats on getting that and the other pickups.

  29. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Nice pickups LL! Looking forward to seeing some of your poured Silver! Have a good one. 🙂

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