$600 Silver Bullion Unboxing – Provident Metals | Silver Unboxing

$600 Silver Bullion Unboxing – Provident Metals

$600 Silver Bullion Unboxing – Provident Metals

$600 Unboxing from one of my 2 favorite dealers, Provident Metals. This time all Silver pickups.

2 oz. Red Dragon Queen’s Beasts 2017
10 oz. Kookaburra 2017
2 oz. Year of the Rooster 2017
5 oz. Year of the Rooster 2017
10 oz. Canada Maple 🍁 2017 – wow, just wow!

Provident Metals Prospector Hoodie GAW (closing tax day, April 18th): https://youtu.be/YLvU0MZEqf8 go to that vidro, comment for 1 entry, post a Video Response for 10 additional entries (be sure to tell me about your VR)!!

Also, shared some potential prizes for a future 5,000 Subscribers Giveaway (GAW).

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47 Responses to $600 Silver Bullion Unboxing – Provident Metals

  1. wildpett says:

    I also like kilo coins!! They rock!!

  2. rox dude says:

    great pickups once you get a 10oz theres just no better coin to look at and hold. but they can be hit and miss all depends on the sales like the 10oz monkey only sold 12k so may do well rooster already passed that amount but you just never know so worth picking one or two up imo. all depends on budget and what sort of stacker you are and what’s your selling plan is. shadow stack a great guy who i been following from well before i started my own channel and I’ve learnt alot from him but on my budget gotta play a different game slightly thats the thing what works for you is always best imo. hopefully I’ll be doing a large pickup in a few weeks but i been ticking over picking up what i can at good prices some i may flip on ebay and then reinvest in the stack. really has helped my stack grow faster than if i just funded it. i have a five year setup plan and am in the 2nd year . gonna do a video on that at some point hopefully soon. thx for sharing

  3. MrSting17 says:

    I have the 10 oz. Canadian CTG (Canada The Great) Niagara Falls coin. I thought YOUR coin was supposed to be part of the series ?Mine has a young Queen Elizabeth on the obverse.  There is no micro laser security date feature, but has the micro radial lines.  I love it. I love yours !  Makes me want to buy one 🙂

  4. winterwolf2012 says:

    No touch silver bare hand. Must wear glove, very important.

  5. Lake Superior Silver says:

    That is a great maple leaf 10oz!

  6. MrSting17 says:

    I bought (2) of the Queen’s Beast DRAGON from Provident, but there are scratches on her cheek.  On both coins.  Probably from jostling during shipping in a mint tube ???

  7. Youtube University says:

    I hate to see the queens opressor head on the coins.

  8. Misfit Coins says:

    $600 I will buy small bag of buds and one of those 10-oz kooks.

  9. Lanny yeakle says:

    600._I got a Kilo bar from JM Mathews

  10. Bagpiper California says:

    Enjoyed the video.  Very nice candor as well.

  11. Silver Jaguar says:

    600$ I would have got as much silver as possible all generic

  12. Bubba TheLoveSponge says:

    Awesome video, my friend. You have convinced me that I need to start collecting some bigger coins, not just 1 ounce coins. I only have a few 2-ounce coins and only one 5-ounce. Thanks much!

  13. Sherjeel Chaudhry says:

    138th like and 124th comment so early lol.

  14. funktatd Forcelle says:

    Nice Haul

  15. the_great_ vegeto says:

    Very nice silver

  16. Soflo Stacker says:

    The kook is a great piece , keep stacking …

  17. illimited knowledge says:

    what a size difference between the 2 ounce rooster and 2 ounce beast!

  18. Luna Starr says:

    Pay rent 🙁

  19. MuskokaRC says:

    Nice pickups, subbed.

  20. Mostly Outdoors says:

    price of the 10-ounce maple leaf? that’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen

  21. Silver Wings says:

    Wow you got yourself some very nice pickups, lanceoa. I don’t have any 10 oz coins yet, let alone a kilo. They sure are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Mostly Outdoors says:

    with $600 I would get all the cheapest bullion I could online to build up my base

  23. SilverStrike says:

    That giant Maples looks great!

  24. Master Of Coinage says:

    Nice pickups. That 10oz maple is a beauty.

    I’m pretty sure it was Canadian Silver Saver who showed an antiqued Queen’s Beast… not 100% about that but I remember seeing it and it was indeed some stunning work by Pit Bullion.

  25. MrSting17 says:

    About the Queen’s Beast Dragon, didn’t "cullsilver" do a video where he brushed something onto silver to make it look old and antique ?

  26. Silver Beach says:

    That 10 oz Canadian Maple is stunning! Quite the looker as silver goes. I will for sure check those out during my next silver purchase! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Eric Woody says:

    Very nice ten ounce coin

  28. Danish Silver Stackers says:

    i have a video of the antique Queens beast, lion and griffin if you want to see them 🙂

  29. Eric Woody says:

    Awesome coins

  30. J. Goin says:

    Remember investing in PM should never be emotional.. seems to me like your in love with the coins.. lots of sentiment here.. and the liquidity factor is almost zero, in times of crisis who’s gonna pay you for a 10oz aussie coin at a premium.. investors are not gonna pay extra cause there’s a pretty snake on your coin.. just my opinion.

  31. ThoseBackPages says:

    Amazing! Add me to the list of folks that paused the video to go look up the 10oz Maple! LOL

  32. Silver Gator says:

    Very nice adds. That barter bar is cool. would love that

  33. Silver cat says:

    man I love that 10 ounce kookaburra didn’t even know they made them. great video my friend

  34. ed moll says:

    kool video and great channel.

  35. Eric Woody says:

    I would buy a bunch of 1 ounce silver eagles and canadian 1 once coins plus a few silver bars if I had $600 dollars

  36. josh71111 says:

    How are the 10 oz maples in terms of milk spots? My 1 oz 2017 maples are mostly spotted.

  37. Pat Hamer says:

    Nice! Just getting into it. Got my safe yesterday. So, I’m looking to advertise what I am selling: silver and gold, but like silver for .30 cents above spot. What do you charge to advertise on your site?

  38. iluvsilva says:

    Provident Metals is one of my favorite dealers, but not sure if this will change in the future.
    We’ll see anymore news in the next few days/weeks. https://www.silverdoctors.com/gold/gold-news/comex-suspends-registration-of-elemetal-gold-silver-in-wake-of-federal-probe/

  39. Silver Saver says:

    I love the way Provident packages the stuff they send. Awesome 10 oz 2017 Kookaburra- very cool to show size comparison with the Lunar coins. This is my first look of the 10 oz Maple Leaf- look at the very nice detail on that stunning coin! Thanks for sharing. Take care.

  40. davegadge1 says:

    600$ Silver or crypto currencies!

  41. javamann1000 says:

    Never handle silver without cotton gloves.

  42. Marcus Oakes says:

    Stick with the Perth Mint lunar 10oz

  43. Silver Stacker of Texas says:

    Nice video, check out my stack!

  44. wildpett says:

    beautiful coins!!! Keep on stacking

  45. Slightly Stacked says:

    That Maple Leaf though…. beautiful!