Unboxing 20 Ounces of PURE SILVER! | 2018 Lunar Dog Review & Unboxing | Silver Unboxing

Unboxing 20 Ounces of PURE SILVER! | 2018 Lunar Dog Review & Unboxing

Unboxing 20 Ounces of PURE SILVER! | 2018 Lunar Dog Review & Unboxing

Hello friends! Today, I’ve got 2 silver unboxings for you. I placed an order with Modern Coin Mart during a flash sale and picked up 2 beautiful silver Phoenix and Dragon coins. These coins, like most from the Perth Mint are just packed to the gills with detail. The Perth Mint just knows how to mint a coin the right way. They understand the market that they are catering to and that keeps the designs they offer fresh and unique.
The 2nd box I’ve got today is a package from Apmex. I placed an order for about 20 ounces of silver with them. I decided to pickup a rack of 2018 Lunar Dog coins. Some of which have been sold to cover the costs of the rest of my order.

I want to know what YOU think! Do you like this Lunar series from the Perth Mint? If so, what do you think about this years rendition of the dog? Personally, I LOVE the German Shepard design. I had to pick up a few in every size!

Thanks for hanging out!
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13 Responses to Unboxing 20 Ounces of PURE SILVER! | 2018 Lunar Dog Review & Unboxing

  1. Tyler's Silver says:

    im Hoping to resell some of mine down the road but not all of them since I love the design and think that the pup on this coin will allow this coin to sell better since everyone loves small dogs and dogs in general (Unless if its a cat person..) We will just have to wait and see I guess. Nice pickups on the dogs and dragon and phoenix coins!

  2. Silver Wolverine says:

    I think the 2018 Lunar is alright! I think i will wait for the early mintage numbers to come out for the 1/2 oz, 2oz, 5 oz and 10oz before i decide if I buy any… I bought 2 of the dragon and phoenix when it first came out…

  3. SilentSniper Vt says:

    these are nice coins i wish i had a local coin shop that sold these, maybe i should trade some eagles for a few lunar coins

  4. Chef Caponejr says:

    Not over crazy with the year of the dog I well get A couple but that’s about it thanks

  5. DOC Silver Stacker says:

    Awesome pickups !!! Still waiting to pick some year of the dogs up.

  6. Mike L. says:

    Sweet coins indeed! I’m a dog lover myself and currently have a GS, so I’ve been looking forward to the lunar coins coming up, particularly the ones with Shepherds on them.

  7. Dannos Dive says:

    Those are very good looking rounds! I will have to keep an eye out for some.

  8. D Wing's World says:

    I agree with your assessment of the Perth mint. Great pick ups and love the design of the dog as well. Thanks for sharing!!

  9. Kerris L Ravenhill says:

    Canadian retailers rarely, if not ever, have their Perth Mint products cheap as the US retailers in terms of CAD and shipping cost from a US retailer into Canada just doesn’t make it worthwhile. I’ll just get my token 2 Dog coins for the year.

  10. Mahalia SS International Silver Network says:

    Cool picks ups bro….

  11. Rock N' Roll Music says:

    I officially declare myself emperor of this comment section. Give me all of your silver and gold!

  12. My Precious says:

    I’m very surprised that there is no unboxing videos for the gold ones! Yet……..

  13. Stonewall Strategic says:

    Hey man, saw some of the IG bullshit, you should check out Steemit. Myself, Timitwist, Kalistacking and a few other IG dudes are on there and there’s a pretty active and growing precious metals group without a whole lot of selling or raffles or any of that. And no censorship. Might be worth checking out, I’m considering ditching IG and just sticking with YouTube and Steemit, but we’ll see.