Silver Bullion Coins unboxing 2 of 2 – koala, kook, libertad, lunar dragon HD | Silver Unboxing

Silver Bullion Coins unboxing 2 of 2 – koala, kook, libertad, lunar dragon HD

Silver Bullion Coins unboxing 2 of 2 – koala, kook, libertad, lunar dragon HD

Unboxing video in HD – Items were well packed.
They have the least shipping $8.95 versus (Apmex $12.95!! Gainesville Coins $11.60)
– 2012 (2) Australian Koala 1 oz. *****
– 2011 Australian Kookaburra 1 oz. *****
– 2012 Mexican Libertad 1 oz. ***** (is that a nipple?)
– 2012 Australian Year of the Dragon Lunar 1/2 oz. *****

Starting a new rating system in terms of my opinion of the coin’s characteristics. Let me know if you think any of these coins deserve less than 5 stars.

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SD Bullion

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20 Responses to Silver Bullion Coins unboxing 2 of 2 – koala, kook, libertad, lunar dragon HD

  1. geniusmarketing08 says:

    @sanpedrosilver depends where you sell. If you sell them online say through eBay, then coins like the lunar snake etc will always sell for higher premiums over time as they produced only around 300,000 total.

  2. lanceoa says:

    yeah… i kept watching other peoples vids and lusting for these!

  3. sidkings says:

    Just look at the difference in quality between the Kookaburra and the ASE. Its like night and day difference. Im gald I stocked up on the 2011 Kokkaburras its one of my favourites. I like the 2012 Koalas too. I have some with the Berlin Bear Privvy marks.

  4. silverfish VT says:

    We have very similar tastes in Silver. I bought single coins of everything that you featured in this video. Thanks for sharing!

  5. lanceoa says:

    Actually I am planning on keeping these for several years.. hoping that the silver prices will be up in twenty plus years!

  6. socalsilver says:

    I agree with that! The silver prices will be much higher in the next couple/few years. Hopefully we won’t have to wait 20 years, but who knows. We will do well as long as we hold on to it long enough.
    Like I said, they are nice coins. I have a bunch of them myself. All my slabbed stuff & lunar type coins are put away for my young daughter to sell when she grows up..

  7. socalsilver says:

    But when you sell, an ounce is an ounce. I don’t think the dealer who buys them is gonna care much about the design on them.. Just my opinion. There nice to look at though. Not great for investment though. They are not rare because they produced a shit load of them..
    Maybe i’m wrong.. we’ll all find out soon enough..

  8. socalsilver says:

    That’s true. Selling them on E-Bay will definitely yield higher premiums !! Time is the key…
    Appreciate your comment/opinion geniusmarketing08.

  9. joe andrews says:

    my favorite coin is the 2013 panda

  10. coins rus says:

    Nice going great pick ups kinda like when someone talks about food and your mouth waters that’ good

  11. phrettyboy says:

    australian coins and the chinese coins for me are the best investment. yes they might have a higher premium but you get your moneys worth with quality of their coins. thanks for your videos

  12. lanceoa says:

    yea, I had to divert from my 401k, since nothing is happening there!

  13. socalsilver says:

    Good stuff !

  14. ToonandBBfan says:

    My Libertads are 2 oz’ers – I can highly recommend them, they are lovely pieces.

  15. socalsilver says:

    I really like the 1980’s Libertad. The newer ones just don’t do too much for me, but it’s all silver in the end. It’s like the Philharmonic, smooth edge.
    Not sure why, but the smooth edge Libertads are my current favorite. Very nice & chunky coin..

    Anyhow, Keep Up The Good Work !

  16. lanceoa says:

    Cool, I like those also.. check my latest vid, I picked up 4 of em!

  17. Dutch Silver Bullion Collector says:

    nice stack thanks for showing

  18. joe andrews says:


  19. Tom The English Picker says:

    Very nice, wish I could afford that much silver.

  20. john barkand says:

    Dear Santa;