NEW Silver Score From MonarchPreciousMetals (UNBOXING) | Silver Unboxing

NEW Silver Score From MonarchPreciousMetals (UNBOXING)

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  1. Niko-115 says:

    But ….. Silvers going down ?

  2. dsashwood says:

    Nice silver pickup Jeff! I just got 16oz of silver from JM Bullion, I highly recommend buying from them too!! 

  3. clio varosy says:

    Super hard to open?

  4. NyQuil304 says:

    I have a Christmas 1 ounce bar

  5. lyle inmb says:

    Cleaning rare coins can effect their value. Hi Gus

  6. Collin Caslin says:

    I just bought some silver today from them I got a three ounce bar and a Sagittarius zodiac silver coin because its my sign this is my first real silver purchase because the stuff I do have is all clad stuff that I got for free when I bought some knives off of etsy from bladesfromme2you

  7. GarouLady says:

    When I started to collect silver as a teen it was going for 6-7 dollars an ounce which as a teen seemed high to me. Now as an adult I know how lucky I was to get it at that, especially when silver jumped to 48 dollars an ounce a couple of years ago. Everyone around me was like, sell your silver, sell your silver and I was like, wait a day and sure enough the next day silver went back to 32 bucks an ounce. sometimes I see a round that catches my eye and I’ll buy it but you really have to watch the premiums over the price per ounce and shipping. But I have heard really good things about Monarch metals. Thanks for showing us your recent buy. Those headstones are really neat. 

  8. KnightCreations&Gadgeteering says:

    i’m sure that many of your fans would love a silver or gold coin with your channel name engraved on it, i think you are underestimating the fandom mindset.
    great video.

  9. killwolfs says:

    I thought those silver bars who it Said r.i.p on was meantfor your wallet

  10. joe walker says:

    +cutlerylover could you message me to do a deal on a knife and a review

  11. Aaron maguire says:

    Hey Jeff what is the story about Eric frein

  12. Nfarer says:

    Jeff, what about gold?

  13. silverflash says:

    Nice stuff; the tombstones are really cool.

  14. Dave Grohl says:

    that is not discreet packaging

  15. Southern Illinoisan says:

    Will there be a Christmas unboxint this year?

  16. turtle79070 says:

    Looks like its time to buy more, its down to $16 an oz now

  17. lewie receveur says:

    if you cross the bar code with a marker then cross some lines parallel , the way it was crossed on the box you can still scan it 😉

  18. Christopher Z. Longoria says:

    hey jeff have you ever tried kitco? its a company my old high school art teacher used to use, he was a silversmith and used to buy his sterling silver from there. i know they also have coins and bullion and stuff on there too

  19. AlmostCirculated says:

    SD Bullion will read SD Bearing Co. on the return label… That’s pretty funny.

  20. aerodrew808a says:

    Do you have any particular method of storing your silver? if so can you do a video on how you store it? 

  21. SpaceFrawg says:

    Are you sure that "security tape" is not strapping tape?

  22. saltknallen says:

    Can anyone tell me what knife he used in the video?

  23. Zeiss says:

    Speaking of silver, I was going through some old coins laying around and I actually found a silver Kennedy Half Dollar.

  24. vanslem6 says:

    Subscribed to your channel a month or so ago because I got into knives, and your reviews are good.  Pleasantly surprised along the way to see that we have a lot of common interests.  I’ve been eyeballing the 5 oz poured bars from MPM.  I’m a bar guy these days.  Good stuff, keep on doing your thing.  

  25. Joe Blow says:

    great, its worth even less than when you bot it a few days ago… stay away from gold and silver are breaking down unless you want to lose your money… when gold is 800$ and silver is 12$ buy, until then you will only lose

  26. Hoots McNabb says:

    imo  .9999 pure Canadian maple leafs are the only way to go. or would it b leaves?

  27. Rumballz says:

    hi cutlery lover can you do a review of the benchmade 49?

  28. Jonny Murgz says:

    I keep wanting to get into silver but its not cost effective here in the UK unless your spending £100s of pounds I saw a nice single oz round I wanted and to have it sent to my house would for cost over 180% of the metal value in tax and shipping so its on hold until I can afford bulk

  29. Rich Allfieldnohit says:

    Tarn-X is still being made, believe it or not, saw it on the net.

  30. hygkolk says:

    I love your silver videos!

  31. 16.5toHeaven says:

    Congrats +cutlerylover!! When r u gonna become a daddy? Have a lovely life with Cristina!!

  32. Darren Jacobson says:

    quick estimate, that’s about $120 of silver there. I’m being very approximate there.

  33. OnAirVoice says:

    Reasonable prices, just 69 cents over spot on some of the rounds. I just ordered 10 rounds to try them out.

  34. Tyler Adams says:

    Medford OR lol my hometown

  35. Weizenale silver says:

    i was going to get the tombstones but they have a high premium .I do have the northwest round since i live in Wa state i will collect the series

  36. RistoKansi says:

    Hey Jeff. Great video. You are really getting me interested in silver. Quick question. How do you follow the precious metal value? I’m actually wondering if you have an app or your phone or something. Thanks.

  37. StackMaster G says:

    Very cool RIP 2 oz bars.  Love those.

  38. David Burke says:

    Not sure why I can’t reply to the justacow guy or whatever his name is, the one who thinks he’s gorgon gecko while giving the absolute most basic investment advice possible.

    The fact that these are anything other than basic bars he’s purchased indicates that these are more to Jeff than just a pure investment, so that sorta invalidates your entire premise of critique.

  39. Connor Michael says:

    You have any gold or will u get gold

  40. Comrade Dyngus says:

    Do they come with a tracking number? I’m just wondering because I ordered some and I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation or tracking number.

  41. SilverTurtle65 says:

    Nice pick up, cool stuff, I think it’s a good time to buy. Silver could go lower.
    I will buy more if it does. Also I always black out my mailing address when I do Unboxing videos. Just a tip.

  42. solesearched says:

    Those tombstones are so awesome

  43. Irishsilverstack says:


  44. Yo Mama says:

    Silver wire is good to have around also.  It has to be .999, but you can make colloidal silver.  If you never need it, you still have the silver weight to sell.   

  45. CrialCrial says:

    I’m a big fan of Monarch’s hand-poured bars. 

  46. David Burke says:

    And to Jeff, I’d bet you’re very wrong about no one else wanting that engraved coin; there are more than a few people who would pay a lot for that exact coin. You’ve got more fans than you give yourself credit for.

  47. papermoney54 says:

    nice pickups

  48. Cade Jenkins says:

    im looking to invest in about 300 dollars worth of silver where and what should i buy

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