Gift from silver vessel / unboxing in mammoth cave | Silver Unboxing

Gift from silver vessel / unboxing in mammoth cave

19 Responses to Gift from silver vessel / unboxing in mammoth cave

  1. Chef Caponejr says:

    Very nice Silvercat it was a nice little field trip we took a salon hope you and your family enjoy yourselves

  2. Tractor Man says:

    Nice tour of Mammoth Cave. I’ve always thought I’d like to go, but I never have. Oh yeah, real slick piece from Vessel too!

  3. SilverStrike says:

    Looks like a fun day out with the family. Nice of Vessel to send the cool gifts.

  4. Crown Collector says:

    Another great outdoors review.
    If you dropped an Eagle or bar in the cave probably someone would find it in like 5000 years time and would be like "Those primitive cave people used to trade silver"…

  5. Tyler's Silver says:

    old memories came back from this video. I was on a road trip with my best friend from Texas to Ohio and while on our way back we visited mammoth cave. But as soon as you walked down those stairs it gets like 5-10 degrees colder

  6. Silver Wolverine says:

    cool video!! I had a hard time hearing the audio, but looked great!

  7. JRW3 says:

    Great video dude.Cave exploration is awesome.Its cool cuz we just came back from about a 1 1/2 mile hike in the woods to this place called Wolf Rocks.

  8. Mostly Outdoors says:

    Great trip man, looks like fun. cool that JM through in the capsules and very nice of Vessel to give ya the little 1 oz loaf!

  9. Beachbum ShipwreckSilver says:

    Cool place to be man, I am about 1 and 1/2 hours from there.  Vessel is really cool, very nice man.

  10. BigDCoins says:

    cool cave! I don’t have anything that valuable but would like to get involved in the coin trading. Can you private message me your mailing address?

  11. Silver to burn says:

    Wow nice bar from Vessel! Very cool cave & nice Eagles to! 🙂 Burno.

  12. Silver Hippie says:

    Awesome to see you and the family out having fun. Thats even more valuable than the silver. (no offense Vessel) sweet little loaf bar. Thanks for taking us along buddy✌

  13. mikegpo says:

    Very nice indeed Silver Cat !!!!

  14. DOC Silver Stacker says:

    Very nice gifts ! Good work on the bar Silver Vessel

  15. Uncle Bill says:

    Interesting video it always cool seeing that kind of stuff. Nice looking silver also

  16. shiny packAGe says:

    you never cease to amaze me my friend, cool cave bud. Vessel and i used to go to Carlsbad caverns as kids when we lived in Albuquerque. very nice pickups and Beautiful pour from my bro. another sweet video my friend.

  17. Silver Beach says:

    That’s pretty cool!! I wish we had had caves and cool things to explore around here. Nothing even close to that. Great new silver too!! Have a good weekend my friend! Cheers!!

  18. Silver scrooge says:

    Very awesome cave! And way to start your son on silver!

  19. D Wing's World says:

    Great video and great locale!! Awesome silver and I love Mammoth. I wanted to go to the Onyx chamber but was unable to when I was there. I have a very nice print I should send you a pic of. Thanks for sharing my friend!!