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Best Gold & Silver Dealers Buying & Selling

Best Gold & Silver Dealers Buying & Selling

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18 Responses to Best Gold & Silver Dealers Buying & Selling

  1. rox dude says:

    Definitely alot of good german dealers and independent sellers all the ones i dealt with been 100% reliable. Especially for perth proofs just where you gotta go as in uk. So limited are a few uk deakers i do buy from but mainly my bullion from used to buy from stg but choice is limited and price is higher although they do have a uk bank so can pay in £££. Bought from emk the dragon and phoenix 1oz HR. Just gotta look about not sold as yet to any but something i may consider. Great tips as always i even bought from a polish dealer and Slovenian and from russia just gotta be careful do your research but you have to search out coins you want don’t generally come to you.

  2. EzPzFakie says:

    how do you guys make a profit on ebay? selling the item + you gotta do the shipping. also is there a forum for stackers lmao.

  3. silver tangent says:

    We need an international poker tournament,bring your bullion coin.

  4. Goudhaantje says:

    ALL: Look for the cheapest german dealer per type of coin on That site compares prices for all dealers per coin and has the link to the offer included as well. But mostly AURAGENTUM is cheapest here! The Noah gold coin is under other gold coins. Huge difference in price here between Geiger and Kettner for the half ounce just as example. Even teh 1 oz Noah gold coin you can find a deal still.

  5. Kevin Grootaers says:

    I’ve only dealt with gold silber muenzen shop of the ones listed in the video. I know Kettner but haven’t bought from them yet they have high shipping costs.
    Also looks great they have a nice variety of new and old coins.

  6. CraveThatCoin says:

    "tap dance on the capsule", that’s hilarious 🙂

    I appreciate you very much for letting me know about privately a few months ago, you saved me at least £1000 since switching.

    This video is going to help a lot of other UK stackers out.

  7. mrjaffar says:

    That’s a very big coin… Not really fungible. Just think of all that VAT. When buying in the UK 20% … Its a crime.

    Still don’t understand why Silver attracts VAT and Gold does not.

    Wow they are good prices! Thanks Mr Stack! Should go some way to offsetting that 100 billion Euros…

  8. Andre Gilbert says:

    Nice overview of the different dealers, my main dealers are:
    • Gold-Silber-Muenzen-Shop for junk (2nd hand bullion coins) and cheap bullion coins
    • Heubach Edelmetalle for Lunars, Kookaburras and cheap bullion coins
    • Kettner Edelmetalle for Somalia Elepfants and high premium coins
    • EMK for Euro collector coins
    I also use to find the cheapest offers, but not all dealers (especially the smaller ones) are listed there.
    Till now I never bought at, maybe in the future.
    As you said Gold-Silber-Muenzen-Shop is a good place for reselling because they are part of the Nürnberger Pawnshop, Kettener Edelmetalle and Heubach Edelmetalle also buy all the coins they sell in their shops.

  9. Robert Walterman says:

    Thanks i am in usa and I just registered with your top choice price is key for me just depends on cost of ship my thanks for sharing

  10. SonicScooter says:

    First Dude…..who the man….

  11. Glenn Warwick says:

    Very helpful,thanks.been using goldsilver be for a good while.

  12. Crown Collector says:

    Mickey Mouse !

  13. Dave says:

    Met the guys at auragentum 10 days ago, good outfit….

  14. JRW3 says:

    Have you ever checked out They are located in Birmingham/UK

  15. SilverSoulxd says:

    I asked once in the gold silver be page about the selling shipping and they said the pick up is free. I guess it has some kind of insurance by them right?

  16. walt2t says:

    I’ve heard of a couple and purchased from one through ebay. The only dealer not in America I have bought from directly is, haven’t had a problem yet. I will check out the others you mentioned that I’ve not heard of.

  17. Tony B says:

    One of the best information videos I seen. Watching this video make me want to order a coin from outside of the United States because some of the coins I seen from dealerships outside the United States are not available in the United States so that’s what makes me want to do it thank you so much