2015 Canada 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf Coin | Silver Unboxing

2015 Canada 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf Coin

2015 Canada 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf Coin


SD Bullion

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47 Responses to 2015 Canada 1 Oz. Gold Maple Leaf Coin

  1. stillkeepin1 says:

    As sweet as maple syrup!

  2. Pat TheHombre says:

    Great looking coin and as you mention, with Maples one get’s .9999.
    Will need to try eBay as per your suggestion. Have always been very wary of purchasing on eBay so always ended up buying Silver from local dealer here in Vanc’. BC, as  well as a large PM dealer on line.
    Methinks it’s time to check out eBay.
    Appreciation from fellow stacker in Canada.

  3. Evan Schubert says:

    Mind giving me one?

  4. jpintek says:

    Got to get me one.

  5. Jacob 99 says:

    1 oz. fine gold = 1200$ in 2016

  6. Chris Kim says:

    I’m curious how’s size compare to silver maple leaf 1 oz. Is gold maple leaf coin is smaller than Silver maple leaf coin? 

  7. Eugene says:

    How much did you pay over spot price of gold to get that coin?

  8. HyperBlueAu says:

    I keep watching this. I am trying to get one for myself soon.

  9. Jason Carpenter says:

    I love this coin. Man I can’t wait to get one. So jelly!

  10. NilSatisNisi1878 says:

    Delicious coin

  11. Weizenale silver says:

    very nice.. i was going to buy one but chickened out .

  12. 24K ArabiaFelix says:

    you cant go wrong with an ounce of gold!!

  13. mary mitrovich says:

    that´s a very nice coin

  14. SilverHustlin13 says:

    Wow! Very large purchase for the average man indeed! Someone’s been Hustling! Thanks for the knowledge as usual Sir

  15. Nick Guzeli says:

    epic unbox!

  16. SilverStackMagician says:

    Very cool pickup Sal. Your video is inspiring to the rest of us.

  17. of the earth says:

    Nicely done on this one SM.  Take advantage of the deals when you can.  The community sure shares them when they come up.  Silver has more up side ounce for ounce but gold is just too hard to pass up sometimes.  

  18. Tony Tyler says:


  19. JohnAllanification says:

    late,i know
    take it out and hold it in your hand – let’s see it that way. nice coin

  20. Brismo says:

    careful of the blanket with that knife dawg.

  21. Kevin Grootaers says:

    Very nice gold maple.

  22. Bluegrass bullion says:

    I wish you would do a full stack soon

  23. Abdul H says:

    im start stacking some gold soon

  24. 32937isready says:

    I love 1 OZ 9999 Maples.

  25. David Horgan says:

    Beautiful. Just be careful of those edges. Very easily dented.

  26. SilverMountain says:

    I generally find it disagreeable to buy a coin with a monarch’s picture on it.  I did make one exception, thanks to Silverfish VT’s pointing out the Howling Wolf.  But that’s the only exception I’m making.  Well, that and the Growling Cougar.  But that is IT!

  27. Silver Bear says:

    Nice gold coin. 

    My bullion guy told me if you drop one of those .9999 coins on the floor, they dent really easy. What do you think? Is it pretty much toasted if you it drops?

  28. Beachbum ShipwreckSilver says:

    Beautiful coin.

  29. Mystery Buyer says:

    I love it. Thanks.

  30. Spaton484 says:

    Why are 1oz gold coins more expensive than 1oz gold bars? What’s best to start collecting?

  31. VisionStance says:

    The 2015 Maple Leaf 1 OZ fine gold was my first Purchase of Gold this Year. I Like the Coin Very Much!
    Thanks for Showing the unboxing!!

  32. DARK STITCH 626 says:

    Wonderful piece salivate! Wish i could get any gold piece over a 1/10 th oz.

  33. Silvernews com says:

    Love the Gold Maple, I have been thinking about buying a 1 oz gold myself

  34. Double66s says:

    Very nice SM, nothing like a fine piece of gold now and then 🙂

  35. Martin Malec says:

    You have a funny cartoon like voice 😀 Great video!

  36. G Reod says:

    Salivate, why do you do for a living if you don’t mind? I’m just curious as it’s expensive for all these silver and gold products you have. I know this video is old and all

  37. Arry Bordal says:

    There is something about unboxing a brand new minted solid gold 1 oz coin and then caressing it in your gloved hands, it’s like jerking off, no it’s better than that!

  38. Maurice Miraail says:

    Those Canadians coins are absolutely stunning!!! I think they make the best gold coins to date

  39. creekesl says:

    Why not buy a lunar goat, libertad, or panda instead ? Something that will go up more in the future?

  40. MrMonkeySwag96 says:

    gorgeous coin

  41. hman630 says:

    Thanks for the vid  I just ordered one.  JKW

  42. Seattle206723 says:

    Very Nice and informative as well. I didn’t know they had those security features added to the 1oz Gold Coins as yet. Thanks Salivate. 

  43. LadyLibertyStacker says:

    Nice purchase Salivate! I didn’t realize the RCM added security features to their 2015 gold coins. As always your videos are filled with useful information. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  44. OrangeSS84 says:

    Quick question I was getting ready to purchase a 1/2 ounce gold eagle. I have not made any moves yet, but wanted to start buying small purchases ever now and then, to add to my silver stacking.
    My question is, should I get one single half oz or should I get 5-1/10 coins?
    BTW they are the same price for 1-1/2
    Or 5-1/10. Thanks again,

  45. SILVER ROOKIE says:

    Such a beautiful coin

  46. MrUlfang says:

    Congratz on First Gold coin for the Year. A very nice Golden Maple indeed.