Silver Unboxing Maple & Umicore 50g Bar | Silver Unboxing

Silver Unboxing Maple & Umicore 50g Bar

Silver Unboxing Maple & Umicore 50g Bar

Hi, my unboxing got this stuff today please let me know what you think.

SD Bullion

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20 Responses to Silver Unboxing Maple & Umicore 50g Bar

  1. StackHard Sterling says:

    Nice bar, quality finish!… I’ve got a 100g Umi but the finish isn’t as nice!
    need to get me some of those so i can see my reflection too lol

  2. pof1991 says:

    maples are one of the iconic stackers coins just ordered 2 for myselfhad to buy the dam things in gurnesyk so expensive

  3. Silver Stackz says:

    maples are to nice lol

  4. DARK STITCH 626 says:

    Good stuff man that bar is shiny as hell!! I hope to be getting some maple leafs soon as well.

  5. Silver Stackz says:

    my new video is down to you check it out! it’ll be on in 10mins

  6. greg williams says:

    Thats an awesome bar and I love the maples too

  7. Silver Stackz says:

    will do lol thank you for watching

  8. silverfish VT says:

    Very nice bar, absolutely, keep it sealed in that package.

  9. Silver Stackz says:

    lol. thnx

  10. PharmSilver says:

    Nice bud! I love maples too. Just drives me nuts when I have a partial tube from previous year. Paying up for 2012’s is annoying me!

  11. Emi J says:

    Sweet bar. You should look for the 250g one. Chunky!

  12. joehervey84 says:

    I’m here, I to will be getting maples soon. Nice video

  13. Silver Stackz says:

    cant go wrong with maples lol

  14. Sheograthkiller says:

    Were did you get that 50g umicore?

  15. Irishsilverstack says:

    nice im looking into those bars. thanks for posting.

  16. Silver Stackz says:

    shop has stopped selling them 🙁

  17. Silver Stackz says:

    thnx will do soon