Fake JM silver bars – eBay – Part 1 | Silver Unboxing

Fake JM silver bars – eBay – Part 1

Fake JM silver bars – eBay – Part 1

Counterfeit (replica) Johnson Massey silver bars – eBay resolution – Part 1

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13 Responses to Fake JM silver bars – eBay – Part 1


    Fake silver bars from eBay

  2. Ed Rey says:

    JM bars usually have those numbers embedded on them. The person who sold them to you is in cahoots. he/she certainly is scamming a lot of people. Prosecution is a must to teach a lesson. Avoid all PMs Sold on eBay.

  3. Christopher Sanchez says:

    man that just sucks. so what are you going to do with them fake bars?

  4. Stokjockey says:

    If you have his address we can send Rocco to take care of it ……………


    I don’t buy anything from ebay.  I always use JM Bullion.

  6. PharmSilver says:

    Lmao at the magnet test. These fake sellers should burn. Scary to buy from eBay now a days.

  7. Silver Nymph says:

    just bought Sigma Metalytics metal verifyer. Great machine I will be making a vid on that

  8. A Friend says:

    Reporting and a refund, and if possible prosicution

  9. Quarter Hoarder says:

    They did look pretty good but the magnet test is a dead giveaway. I’ve found that eBay is good for protecting the buyer so you should get a full refund. Seller probably fooled the first 13 people but glad you are helping to stop the deception.

  10. vulcan5678 says:

    Bummer man. I don’t buy stuff on ebay because I have seen a lot of these videos. You should get your money. Thanks for the video

  11. Louis Lee says:

    These are the same shit fake ass bars I saw on alibaba. All these scammers need to burn in hell with their fake shit. All JM has serial stamp.

  12. H.A. Kemp says:

    don’t ever buy silver off of eBay

  13. London Stax says:

    Magnet test was hilarious! Uh, too many bad stories on eBay. I’m sure they outweigh the good. But as long as you know how to test and buying from a semi reputable source it should be okay – all with the backup of buyer protection! Still very annoying and a waste of time.